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  • The first few days on NDRP have been such a blessing. As a lot has already happened and so much continues to await the stories that are building.

    Caliber MC continues to grow and gain strength, our knowledge on how to succeed and thrive grows stronger with each passing day and the RP I have been seeing from hundreds of others, continues to impress, which is awesome!

    I am grateful, I feel blessed and have a sincere passion for being a part of New Day. Haven't stopped smiling yet!

    See you out there 😘
    Lots of work being done to kick off Caliber MC on launch day. Looking forward to meeting people and evaluating their interest in being a part of it all, especially from the perspective of being a prospect and earing that patch outright. Lots to do...

    New Day has blown me away with what they have accomplished in so little time and all of those responsible from pushing this from concept to reality, well, thank you! I cannot wait to get started and couldn't be more proud to have made the leap to this community. Gonna be one hell of a hoot! Let's ride...


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