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Staff Team

Feb 5, 2021
Voting areas are considered "Green" or "Safe" zones
Staff Message said:
Voting areas are considered "Green" or "Safe" zones. This includes not only the City Hall itself, but the outer areas as well.

Staff Message said:
Reminder to all players, that transferring money from one of your characters to another (such as an alt) is prohibited. Regardless if you use a middle-man or not. Found doing so may/will result in Warning Points and a potential Ban. Transferring money/resources from one of your characters to another is equal to that of transferring knowledge.

Staff Message said:
When new additions are made to the server, such as drug manufacturing, guns, vehicles, etc. You should stop and ask yourself, "Is this something my character would do/have?" It's always fun to play with new things and experience new things, but make sure you are doing so appropriately with your character. Does it make sense for your LEO Character to be manufacturing copious amounts of narcotics? Possibly. They could be corrupt. But not every LEO is corrupt, so make sure that is something your character would do, and be willing to face the consequences of.

Rule of 4 and the Rule of 6
Staff Message said:
The rule of 4 and 6 applies to all "active" players in a scenario. This excludes people who are handcuffed. As such, if you are in an MC, and you see one of your friends being arrested for speeding, and you wish to attempt to stop them from being arrested, you and 3 friends can attempt to free them. This is because the handcuffed MC member cannot engage and thus made "inactive". The same goes for LEO. As they can have 4 Officers respond to a General Store robbery, but this is where the rules change for LEO. They can have up to 4 Officers replace injured Officers in a scenario. So let's say 2 of those Officers responding to the robbery get gunned down. 2 more Officers can join into the scenario, and if 3 more Officers are gunned down, only 2 more can join after that. Leaving them down to a group of 3. This prevents swarming the criminals attempting to rob the store.

Supernatural RP
Staff Message said:
Supernatural RP is anything from Wizards and Witches and using magic, to transforming into werewolves or being an alien. But is also not limited to combining emotes to make it seem as though you are levitating/flying, or doing any other unrealistic action. Be mindful of what you are doing, and how it can be perceived by those around you. Make sure what you are doing is realistic and believable. If you have any concerns of what you want to do, may be breaking this rule, feel free to open a support ticket and discuss it with an Admin.

Don't be a Twat on Twitter
Staff Message said:
Twitter is a public forum on the server, and should not be used inappropriately. This includes, but not limited to, posting Pornhub links, using it for hostile initiations, referencing staff messages as "Government Announcements", talking about exploits, and other nefarious uses that may be spread/spoken about on the platform.

This is not GTA Online
Staff Message said:
We will always expect the same level of high quality roleplay we've always demanded. If we find that you are simply not taking roleplay serious or are acting as if you were on Grand Theft Auto Online, you may be punished. At the end of the day our high-quality roleplay is what sets us apart, and we are intent on keeping it that way.

RDMing Locals
Staff Message said:
Locals are not some punching bag or target practice. They are living people, with families and jobs. Killing them intentionally for fun and/or entertainment is inappropriate and can recieve In-Character and Out-of-Character punishments. If we find people who are doing this blatant Fail RP, you will be dealt with SEVERELY. This is your only warning regarding this. Thanks to all who are respectful with NPCs in Roleplay!

Urination and fecal matter on other players
Staff Message said:
It has been decided by staff that players are not allowed to pee on each other. It is a degrading act that has no place within NDRP. It doesn't matter whether it is done via Peeing emote, /ME, or any other methods. There is no RP value that comes from peeing on someone.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Peeing on someone who is incapacitated.
- Peeing on someone who is carrying your incapacitated body.
- You are NOT allowed to pee on someone else, even if you have consent.
- This restriction also includes peeing on NPCs/Locals
- This ALSO includes other forms of excrement such as, Vomit and fecal matter.

Peeing on someone else in any way, shape, or form is unacceptable on this server. ANYONE caught doing this will be receiving punishment that could range up to a ban, depending on the severity.

Misuse of /Scenes
Staff Message said:
Scenes are a wonderful tool that is used to create fantastic images in the world for Roleplay, so that so many things don't have to be /me'd out or explained. It helps fill the void when imagination is required, and helps people visualise what is required in the scenario. Scenes are NOT to be abused or misused for things such as, but not limited to:

- Fecal matter
- Pornographic/Adult toys, images, and other paraphernalia (Such as condoms)
- Hate symbols
- Unrealistic images (Glowing pentagrams, etc)

Making such scenes can result in SEVERE punishment dependent on the severity of the scene and those effected by such, and can result in Warning Points and Ban time.

Pocket Wiping
Staff Message said:
Players should not be cleaning out other players inventories. Robberies should make sense and be the hostile taking of ONLY that makes sense. You shouldn't be leaving players with nothing in their inventory. Do you need to take all their food, weapons and IDs? Probably not. Take their cash, maybe a weapon or an item of interest, and that is it. A robbery should be quick, and essential. Failure to abide to such, can result in FailRP, which would include Warning Points and potential ban.

Digital Robberies
Staff Message said:
You cannot force a player to empty their bank/crypto accounts. Via, Bank Transfer, ATM, Bank, or any other method. You can ONLY take the physical items off a player, such as; Cash, guns, and other items.

Suicide RP
Staff Message said:
While we never expected it would become a subject, it seems a reminder needs to be put out there letting you all know that we need to watch the type of subject matter we're RP'ing.

While we would expect it would be common sense when subjects like TortureRP and Beastiality are frowned on, we never expected that subjects like InfanticideRP or SuicideRP was something that needed to be discussed. We realize that both can create stories which you may want to pursue, but NDRP is not the place for it.

You can not know how those subjects may affect others that you are playing alongside or people watching your streams. If anyone is currently progressing a story with either of those subjects we urge you to put it to an immediate end.
Torture RP
Staff Message said:
For this scenario, I want to be abundantly clear to all. Maim and Torture RP require consent to be played out. You can never know what someone is comfortable with when it comes to the darker subjects of RP, and consent is required to proceed with this kind of RP to make sure everyone on the server is enjoying themselves. I understand being caught up in the scene, but in the future even if you are unable to get OOC consent, give them the option to react to the threat of there being potential for it, if they do not react or seem disinterested in the response, its likely they are uncomfortable with the action, so it is best not to proceed with it.
A simple way to get consent is to use the /OOC command to ask that they are okay with proceeding. That or message through TeamSpeak or discord.

Double Tapping and Mag Dumping
Staff Message said:
These are treated as two separate entities in New Day RP.

Double Tapping is acceptable, if the person is in Down-but-not-out state, where their character model is clearly moving and holding together, as shooting them again puts them into a state that allows them to be robbed. However, double tapping them for the sake of double tapping is frowned upon. There should be a reason for you to take that extra step to shoot them down into the final stage, such as robbing someone. Doing so, just to put them into the final stage, has no benefit to anyone.

Mag Dumping is heavily frowned upon and is in fact power gaming, as you are attempting to end someones life by putting an unrealistically survivable amount of shots into another players body. This also includes melee weapons to beat on someone continually while they are downed. You could however, explain to the downed person that you are not trying to kill them, when hitting them with a melee weapon, but please be realistic. Don't stand there and stab them numerous times. Be realistic.

Early Robberies/Last minute Robberies
Staff Message said:
We at NewDayRP strive for fair and equal roleplay amongst the entire community. This includes robberies of stores and players. Players on the server should not be robbing players, general stores, banks, etc, in the last (rough) 15-minutes before a server restart, or (rough) 15-minutes after a server restart. During these times, EMS and LEO are regathering themselves and unable to respond to these, as well as this can be an abuse of game mechanics, as when the server restarts, the criminal effectively gets away. This is unrealistic and unfair to other players involved, as they have no way of retaliating, or finishing the scenario properly. It's also advised to allow for a sufficient amount of time to properly provide an enjoyable RP experience for everyone involved in robberies/heists (hostages/PD/EMS) and allow for potential arrest/hospital RP/processing/prison time. (Recommended 30+ minutes minimum)

Proper Initiation in Hostile RP
Staff Message said:
Hostile Role play is something that is bound to happen on just about any server; however, you need to be making sure when you are performing hostile acts on another player, you are properly initiating.

Walking/Rolling up next to someone and shouting "Hands or Die" and a swift firing upon the victim will result in you getting hit with Random Death Match (RDM) as we do not see this as proper initiation. We are here for Role play, and part of that is making sure the other party can precisely and clearly hear that you are attempting a hostile interaction with them. "Stop right there, don't move. We've got guns pointing at you. Just don't do anything stupid..." and continuing to give them a fair notice as to what is going on is ideal. This way the role play has more depth and interaction behind the actions. This also gives the other player time to respond. Some community members listen to music while they are on the server, and although this is not an acceptable excuse to not hear another player attempting to act hostile towards you; You as the hostile role player, should understand that not everyone is going to be expecting to be robbed at any given moment.

Also note, this is not limited to just robberies, as the examples were given. This can be also with hostage taking, bank robberies (Such as negotiations), and even Torture RP. Sometimes people don't see the /ooc consent requests, so try to make sure the other person is fully aware of what is potentially about to happen. In the case of TortureRP, if you do not get a response, you do not have consent. Consent MUST be obtained prior to TortureRP. See TortureRP Rule Clarification for more details.

Vehicular Death match (VDM)
Staff Message said:
Vehicular Death Match is fully against our rules, regardless of the situation. Many people consider this just to be case of hitting someone with your vehicle randomly or by accident, but also includes intentional use of the vehicle in combat. If you find yourself in a scenario where someone is shooting at you, and you swerve to hit them during a gunfight in defense, you can be hit with Vehicular Death Match (VDM), as we do not see this as a fair way of combating yourself with other players. It usually ends with the case of another player on the ground, unable to properly defend themselves as they are further injured. Accidental cases of VDM or normally forgiven, as desync is an understandable problem within FiveM. However, crossing lanes of traffic to hit another player is a clear violation of the VDM rule, and can result in warning points and potential ban time. VDM also shares punishment with RDM.

Clarification on Erotic RP (ERP)
Staff Message said:
Erotic Roleplay (ERP) can be a difficult line to see when Role playing, especially with those who you have established a further connection with, IC or OoC. Generally speaking, if it is a precursor to sex, such as foreplay, this is considered ERP that is not acceptable within our community. This includes, but not limited to, grinding, groping, and biting (Dependent on location), etc. We understand that relationship RP can greatly enhance your characters stories and we want to fully support that, however we want to ensure that no one is left feeling uncomfortable with any interaction they may be a part of or may be witness to, so we require that all “intimate” interactions remain PG-13. Keep in mind, that although these actions may be thought of private, such as in an apartment, but you never know what slips through and is broadcasted further than you expected. Such as, into other peoples apartments. We would advise community members who are planning on taking these further steps to take them into a third party form of communication, such as Discord Direct Messages. Remember folks, although this is a mature server, this isn't a pornographic server.

If you choose to show affection is a more appropriate way, such as hand holding, kissing, hugging, and even cuddling, this is OK.

Avoiding lengthy sentences with heinous crimes and serial killers
Staff Message said:
When playing a character that continually seeks out heinous crimes, such as a serial killer, using in-game loop holes to evade lengthy time served in prison can result in the Admin Team mediating the final decision of your sentencing. This means, if you continually act out serial killer tendencies, and avoid a lengthy sentencing, it may be brought to Admin+ to determine your prison sentence. This could result in weeks, months or even a life sentence based on the decision of the Admin+ team.

Playing a character, such as a Serial Killer, should come without saying that it must be done with respect, and understanding that you will ultimately face a lengthy sentence, or worse. Remember, when playing sorts of characters, agreeing to lengthier sentences (Such as days or weeks) In Character, can really make an impact with your RP. "Oh? They did that to so and so? Got sentenced for 2 weeks?! Oh god, it must've been really bad!" is the sort of stuff that spreads around. Avoiding the length time can just water down the role play. Be sure to understand that your IC actions, must have IC Consequences.


From Tickets and Player Reports

Fleeing into a "zoned" instance to flee/evade/hide from another party while in a hostile engagement.
Ticket-3658 said:
After discussion with the Admin staff and Management, an agreement was made on instancing/phasing into locations, such as public use offices, apartments, and other such locations as Fail-RP. As it leaves the other parties unable to reach the fleeing player. This is because the zones are "phased" and unable to see the players until they leave. As such, the chasing party would be unable to find the player in said phased zoned.

Significant Drops and Realistic Jumps in vehicles
Player Report said:
A significant drop or unrealistic jump is determined on two factors. Intent and height of jump.
Ideally, we would like to see players not exceed the height of 1-Story (12-15ft) while in a vehicle, as to keep it realistic. This is partly because a jump of such significance would result in the vehicle being severely damaged and rendered inoperable, regardless of how it was done. Intent is also a large factor into determining what is and isn't acceptable. If you intentionally hit a ramp at speed to jump over something with significant airtime and height achieved, that is a rule break. If you are fleeing from LEOs in pursuit, and you slow down to turn to avoid a drop or ramp, and the LEO accidentally hit you over, that is not considered a rule break. Mind you, if you bait a player into doing this, you can receive harsher punishment than if it was just a regular jump attempt.

Forcing into a vehicle to bypass locks.
Player Report said:
Forcing yourself into a vehicle with the "Seat in Vehicle" command is Exploiting, regardless if the vehicles windows and/or doors are broken. There are always ways to extend role play to others in these scenarios, such as calling Public Works or a Mechanic to lock pick the vehicle for you. Forcing yourself into a vehicle is lazy and cuts the role play short.

New Life Rule across storms
Player Report said:
New Life Rule applies when a character is incapacitated and unable to be revived by another player, EMS or otherwise. Having said that, if the injured player logs off at their own free will/restart/crash and doesn't log on until *after* the next restart (storm) cycle. New Life Rule will be put in effect and the events must be forgotten. Example being: If injured at 7:30pm, and the server restarts at 8pm. You must be revived before the 2am restart to remember the events that took place. Subsequently, any acts to meta a injured players location to revive them, and abuse this, will receive punishment for NLR and meta gaming. For further information on a more specific situation, please open a Support Ticket in Discord.

Searching another players phone.
Player Report said:
Going through someones phone to gather information without their permission can be considered power gaming. Their phone isn't just unlocked and available for anyone to access. Pin Codes could be in place. Biometrics as well. If you wish to seek through someones phone, you should request OoC consent with the use of /ooc and make it clear as to what you are trying to obtain from searching their phone.

Rule of 4 in regards to defending yourselves
Player Report said:
Rule of 4 applies to inherently hostile situations. Such as Robberies, kidnappings, gang wars, etc. However, there is a time where the rule of 4 doesn't apply. Defending yourself while inherently not in a hostile situation. We'll use a couple of examples to hopefully bring light to when the Rule of 4 doesn't apply. But generally speaking, if you aren't doing anything hostile and don't initiate hostilities/egg them on, you aren't held to the rule of 4.

Example A) If you and your friends are hanging out at a mechanic shop, totalling 10 people, and 4 members of a gang roll up and attempt to rob everyone. The 10 people aren't held to the rule of 4. They didn't have intentions on being hostile or planned on it. So they can engage if the RP goes that way.

Example B) If there are 8 officers on break at Ari's Deli, and 3 gang members roll up and try to rob the 2 that are waiting outside. The 6 officers inside can respond as well to the hostile interaction.

Basically speaking, if the hostile group engages a group larger then 4, that is the risk they take. However, this rule isn't to be abused/baited for advantage. Example being:

A) If you are on your home turf with 5 other gang members, speaking to a group of 4 from an opposing gang about recently conflict. You can't bait them into hostile actions, such as "Do it! You won't!" "I dare you to start shit!" etc etc, or if you start hostilities (Put your hands up, etc). Then as you started the hostilities, your group is held to 4.

B) You are fleeing from the police (Or a gang) and you flee to your gang turf/clubhouse/etc, they cannot join in to defend you, because you brought the hostile act to them. You are limited to the Rule of 4 in that case. If there are 2 of you in the car and you know only 2 at your clubhouse/turf/etc, then you can bring your numbers up to 4 max; however, the 2 being brought in have to verbally initiate and make themselves known.
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