Murdering people, and You

Maggie Martindale

Early Supporter
Medical Command
Public Works
Jan 19, 2021
So you want to kill people.

OK. Cool. You do you bruh. But if this is your life's path, SAMS needs your cooperation to ensure you get c.. er.. get recognition for your art! Yeah!

If you decide to murder a local, please take a moment to fill out the below form, so when your work of art is found, we can match it up and have some forensic information to work of. You can put as little or as much as you like, however the victim MUST have a name, and a cause of death.

This is not required, it is just extremely helpful and gives our hardworking MCD crucial information. Please note, none of this will be used to meta your identity, and no identifying information will be given to MCD unless requested, or unless the evidence on the body specifically points to you (ie, DNA, calling cards, etc.)

Let the hunt begin!