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Feb 5, 2021
General Guidelines
New Day RP is a serious roleplay server. We expect high quality roleplay from all of our members. Low quality roleplay will result in punishments, dewhitelisting or permanent bans. This is not Grand Theft Auto Online.

All rules are interpreted with a common sense approach. If you are unsure about the intent or application of a specific rule, please reach out via a support ticket.

Toxicity in any form on the server will not be tolerated.

You should remain in character at all times. If there is a problem (including rule breaks), roleplay the scenario out and resolve it once you are out of roleplay. If a rulebreak is extreme and you are very uncomfortable, you may record, disconnect and immediately open a ticket to speak with the Admin team.

This is an English speaking server and you are expected to communicate in English while on the server. You need to be able to communicate if any issues should arise.

All players must have a functional mic and primarily be communicating through voice. There are certain exceptions made for players who are mute IRL and people who are whitelisted to play a mute character. Please see this post for more details.

Character names must be realistic; no overly memey, sexual, racist, or otherwise inappropriate names are allowed.

Group names cannot be taken directly from real life, however, groups in real life may serve as influence for a name. For example, a group cannot be called “The Yakuza”, however they can be called the “Brogue Avenue Yakuza”.

Real world current events or tragedies should not be brought into roleplay. While San Andreas does exist in the real world, we have created a fictional environment for a reason.

Playing music that is covered under DMCA must be done via these guidelines.

Management has the final say in all decisions and can take action without a player report.

Metagaming is using knowledge that your character would not know in the server or communicating information through third party places - e.g. stream chats, and discord (not including the server/government discord). If you would not know it in character, don’t bring it into the server. You cannot have a stream open of a user who is playing on the server while you are on the server.

Cross character meta is sharing information or assets between characters and is not allowed, regardless if you use a middle man or not. Transferring money or items from one of your characters to another is equal to that of transferring knowledge.

Random Deathmatch (RDM) / Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
Random Deathmatch (RDM) is when you inflict physical harm on another character without required initiation. You must properly initiate enough so the other party knows what is coming next and can react. Initiation must be more than “hands up or die” and must provide enough time for the other party to respond. In addition, harming locals (non-player characters) repetitively or without reason is considered RDM.

Note: You must have a valid roleplay reason before incapacitating somebody. If the other party is compliant with reasonable demands and you do not have any other roleplay reason to harm them, you cannot incapacitate them.

Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is when you intentionally use your vehicle as a weapon to inflict harm on another character. The only case where this is acceptable is if a user attacking you is in your reasonable escape path. You cannot intentionally go out of your way to strike somebody even if they are attacking you. Excessive vehicle to vehicle ramming may be considered VDM.

Hostile Group Limits
A maximum of 4 people in a single group can be involved in a hostile situation at any given time. You may have more on the roster, however, they can not partake in activities beyond the count of 4. During heists, the limit becomes 6 people.

  • Bank Robberies
  • Vangelico’s (Jewelry Stores)
  • Mirage (Art Gallery)
  • Bobcat Security

Hostile group limits apply to all "active" players in a scenario. This excludes people who are handcuffed at the time that hostilities begin. When an LEO is downed in a scenario, an additional 4 LEO are permitted to respond for a total of 8. Downed officers count towards this limit.

Hostile group limits apply to inherently hostile situations, such as robberies, kidnappings, gang wars, drug related activities etc. You may gather in groups larger than 4 so long as no hostile activities are taking place. If you are initiated on while in a group of larger than 4, all parties may respond. However, if you are in a group larger than 4, you cannot be the party that initiates hostilities.

There is no such thing as “home turf”. The rule is only applied on a hostile or non hostile basis. As a note, once the hostile group limit is reached, others cannot join the situation. For example, you cannot lead a hostile situation back to your property and have others join in beyond the hostile group limit.

Not Valuing Life
You must value your life and the lives of others at all times. For example, if you are in a threatening situation that you cannot reasonably escape without being harmed, you must comply. NVL also applies to intentionally putting your character in situations where they would be seriously harmed, such as taking tall jumps with your vehicle or jumping into the water from high heights. Tall jumps that violate this rule are typically defined as higher than 1-2 stories.

You cannot use third party mods or applications (see below regarding acceptable mods) while in the server. Exploiting or abuse of in-game mechanics or bugs will not be tolerated. Violation of this rule may result in immediate removal from the community.

Acceptable mods include graphics enhancing mods (NVE, Quant, etc) and sound mods such as sirens and weapons.

Disallowed mods include but are not limited to; graphics mods that provide unfair advantages such as always-day graphics packs, resolutions not native to your monitor (stretched resolutions), programs to change your third person FoV, confetti packs and RPFs that provide an unfair advantage (bullet penetration, fast reload, unlimited sprint etc).

If you need clarification on if a mod is allowed, please open a support ticket.

Zero Tolerance Topics

There is a zero tolerance policy for racism, bestiality, homophobia/transphobia, and sexual harassment or assault. These actions will not be tolerated IC or OOC and will result in severe punishment.

New Life Rule
If you become incapacitated and respawn, your character cannot remember the events that directly lead to your incapacitation. In addition, you may not return to the area you were incapacitated in for at least 1 hour. If you are brought to a medical facility after being incapacitated you may remember the events that lead to your incapacitation within reason. You must roleplay your injuries.

If you disconnect for whatever reason while incapacitated, you must follow the New Life Rule.

If you incapacitate a player, you cannot move their body unless it is a very short distance (for example, moving a body off of a roadway) or if you are taking them to a medical facility.

Erotic Roleplay
Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not permitted on the server. Characters may be in romantic relationships however sexual activities should not be roleplayed. “Fade to black” is acceptable if inferencing sexual activities without roleplaying them out. We would advise community members planning on taking these further steps to take them into a third party form of communication, such as Discord Direct Messages.

You cannot roleplay being pregnant on the server, however, you may roleplay that you have had a child/baby. That roleplay would be restricted to the privacy of your home, and you cannot bring your child/baby into public with you. Note: Infanticide is unacceptable and will be severely punished.

Fail RP - General
Fail RP covers a variety of unfair or unrealistic actions. The goal of New Day RP is to provide high-quality realistic roleplay. This list includes all main items however case-by-case rulings may be made in regards to low-quality roleplay.
  • Cop Baiting - Excessive attempts to attract police attention without a quality reason.
  • Combat Logging - You must allow a scene to play out before disconnecting.
  • Combat storing - You may not store vehicles, items, or cash during an active situation
  • Force Perma - You cannot extensively or continually injure a player or give them grievous injuries in an attempt to force a perma death. This includes things such as mag dumping and continual melee actions after downing.
  • Hostages must be genuine and not be willing participants with the hostage takers. Both parties will be found at fault if the hostages are not genuine.
  • Fleeing into a "zoned" instance to flee or hide from another party while in a hostile engagement, such as public use offices, apartments, and other such locations is not allowed.
  • Looking through a player’s text messages or phones requires /ooc consent and the victim will provide the hostile party with what information will be found.
  • Torture RP or RP that inflicts long lasting or permanent injuries requires /ooc consent before beginning. If no consent is given, you may only injure / down the player as normal.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of suicide, you are not permitted to roleplay self-harm or suicide plot points.
  • Supernatural RP - While your character may believe they are some kind of supernatural being, you may not roleplay or actually have any unrealistic qualities. This includes abuse of emotes, /me, or scenes to appear to be levitating, etc.
  • Parachutes are for recreational use only and are not to be used in hostile situations.
  • Roleplay using bodily fluids inappropriately (pee, spit, fecal matter, etc) is not allowed. This includes use of emotes, /me, or scenes.
  • You may only use a voice changer if you use this voice changer all the time for that specific character, or if you are using it over the phone.

Other forms of Fail RP are described below:

Fail RP - Pocket Wiping and Robbery Guidelines
Items taken during robberies should make sense for the character taking the items. You cannot remove all items from a player. For example, you should leave items such as consumables (food and water), collectibles (unless your character has a specific roleplay reason to take these from the person being robbed), low-value items, etc. We just ask that robbers be respectful of the people being robbed while accommodating for roleplay.

You can only take items physically on a player at the time of the robbery. For example, you cannot force a player to retrieve a vehicle, withdraw money, or pay for the robbery by invoice. Note: You may take items from player vehicles that are present during a robbery.

Fail RP - Crime Near Server Restarts
You may not commit any crime in the 15 minutes leading up to or 15 minutes after a server restart (the NOAA alert can be used as the cut-off point). This includes crimes against players and NPCs. This does not include traffic citations (such as speeding), and does not include crimes that were already in progress before the NOAA alert.

In addition, you may not begin a heist (see heist list above) in the 90 minutes leading up to or the 30 minutes after a server restart, in order to allow the roleplay of those situations to fully play out in time for the restart.

Fail RP - Soft Whitelisted Roles
Various actions or storylines must be approved by the Admin team. This is referred to as a "Soft Whitelist" and is in place to ensure these stories are treated with respect and are of high quality. Please open a support ticket to request approval for Soft Whitelisted Roles.

Serial Killers
You must seek approval to be a serial killer. This includes killings of both player characters and non-player characters (NPCs). Regular hostilities do not fall under this requirement. You must only seek approval if your character is carrying out a number of killings with the goal of being a killer (rather than situations that happen to arise in normal roleplay). Serial killers are expected to be fair to all sides in roleplay and accept that serious in character punishment (up to and including execution or life sentences) may happen as a result of this roleplay.

Mute Characters
Characters that are permanently or long-term mute must be approved by the Staff Team. Please see this post for more details.

Bomb threats, both valid and fake, must first be approved by the Admin team. Requests will be evaluated based on the intended target, roleplay reason behind the bombing, and frequency of recent bombing.

Releasing biohazards (poisons, diseases, chemicals, or other infectious material) that can be passed from person to person, or that will be spread to more than one person at a time requiring larger than normal LEO/EMS response. Requests will be evaluated on the severity of the biohazard, roleplay reasoning behind it, and the method of delivery.

DID (Multiple Personalities)

Those who play a character with multiple distinct personalities should be brought to the Staff Team in a ticket. In order to need the Soft Whitelist, the character is actively receiving resources from government departments (treatment etc.) In order to address and stabilize their condition.

Fail RP - Corruption in Government Roles
Characters who hold government positions cannot be corrupt without approval from the Staff Team. Corruption is the use of your character's position to gain a benefit through misconduct or improper actions. Each department will maintain a Management approved Corruption SOP that provides details specific to that department.

Fail RP - Restricted Areas
Voting areas are considered "Green" or "Safe" zones. This includes not only the City Hall itself, but the outer areas as well.

Prisons and Military Bases should be treated as 24/7 staffed and guarded buildings. Serious or violent crime (excluding petty crime such as vehicle theft etc) will be considered Fail RP when in the direct vicinity of the prison. Military bases should not be entered.
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