Mute character application process *Limited*

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Feb 5, 2021
Hi All!

Management has decided that being able to play a mute character will require a "soft" whitelist process. Anyone who wishes to play a mute character must have IRL physical or IRL medical reasons to play a mute character. submit the below template via Support Ticket:
Mute Character Request Template
(copy and paste questions and answers into the ticket)​
Mute Character Name:​
Is this character mute due to a roleplay incident or has always been mute?:​
Have you read the Mute Roleplay Guidelines?:​
Why do you want to roleplay a mute?:​
Do you understand that misuse of a mute character will mean that you can no longer play mute characters?:​

NO players will be grand-fathered into the process. Everyone will be required to submit the above template and Management will review and approve if all requirements are met. This is on a Character by Character basis, so a new ticket will be required each time you wish to create a new mute character you wish to play. There will be limited slots for this.

All individuals wishing to play a mute character must strictly adhere to the information in the Mute Roleplay Guide. Anyone found breaking the rules on their mute character or breaking the Guide restrictions may have their soft whitelist revoked at the discretion of the Management.

As a general note, this is restricted to those who are Medically mute IRL or have Medical issues IRL that make them unable to speak, please submit a Support Ticket and we can work with you.

We have some tools available for those with IRL medical issues to play a standard non-mute character. If you are interested in learning about possible ways to do this, please open a ticket and speak with staff.
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