Mute character application process

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Staff Team

Feb 5, 2021
Hi All!

Management has decided that being able to play a mute character will require a "soft" whitelist process. Anyone who wishes to play a mute character must submit the below template via Support Ticket:
Mute Character Request Template
(copy and paste questions and answers into the ticket)​
Mute Character Name:​
Is this character mute due to a roleplay incident or has always been mute?:​
Have you read the Mute Roleplay Guidelines?:​
Why do you want to roleplay a mute?:​
Do you understand that misuse of a mute character will mean that you can no longer play mute characters?:​

NO players will be grand-fathered into the process. Everyone will be required to submit the above template and Management will review and approve if all requirements are met. This is on a Character by Character basis, so a new ticket will be required each time you wish to create a new mute character you wish to play. There will be limited slots for this.

All individuals wishing to play a mute character must strictly adhere to the information in the [GUIDE COMING SOON]. Anyone found breaking the rules on their mute character or breaking the Guide restrictions may have their soft whitelist revoked at the discretion of the Management.

As a general note, if you are medically mute IRL, please submit a Support Ticket and we can work with you.
Not open for further replies.