The Art of Altering the Voice

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Jan 11, 2021
(This document is currently a work in progress. If you have material that would be helpful, DM it to me)

Yo, Yo, What up!!
Today, we will be talking about voices and tricks to use a different voice.

Different voices in RP can be amazing, but also extremely frustrating or hard to do.

Things you will need:
- Plenty of water
- Did I mention water?
- A mirror

Tips and tricks:

Watch videos of people speaking with the tone or accent that you want to learn.
---watch their facial expressions
---how does their mouth move when they say certain words or sounds
--- Try to mimick how they are moving their mouth and the expression that they have when they say certain things
- use a mirror to watch your own facial expressions when you speak normally. Try to use this to further form the pronunciation.

To see some differences in the facial expressions, check out this video:

Setup a baseline phrase
- This is something that helps when you feel like you are slipping out of the accent. It helps to pull you back in and remind you of what sounds to make.
--- this phrase can be something for you to repeat to yourself a few times and get back in the rhythm.
--- a good baseline phrase is something that sticks out to you and naturally draws you into that speaking pattern

Be sure not to be trying to force your voice.
- It can be very easy to strain your voice and make it painful to talk or damage your vocal chords.

- Add some lemon and honey into your water. This can help the throat to be better moisturized.

The Do's and dont's of voices:
- When trying to alter your voice, be aware of where you are speaking from. If you are using your throat to change the tone, it can cause vocal strain.
- drink lots of water

Helpful tutorials:
How to modify your voice:

Going From Female to Male voice

Additional links For Female to Male voice:

Changing to more feminine voice:




British accents

Dialect Coach

Vocal warmups and Voice care

Online streamer Voice tips

If you feel like you would like some feedback and assistance, feel free to reach out to me on discord.
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