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Staff Team

Feb 5, 2021
Hello friends,

We are writing to you all today on regards to an on-going trend that has been taking place on NewDayRP. Music is a great part of many people. We all have a favourite song. We all have a song that connects us to someone or something. But we must respect each other when it comes to playing music on the server. Recently we've had some events where music, specifically copyrighted music, has been used out loud to near by players. This has been done with little to no consent or prior knowledge to the fact. It can be as simple as driving by with the music playing while on shout or super-shout, or playing music while on the curb out loud. As much as music enhances our day to day lives, you must under stand that this can be harmful to your fellow community members.

Members of our community stream on Twitch and record for YouTube, and the music being played can cause them issues. This can also unintentionally cause issues for the server itself if DMCA decides to turn their focus on us or the FiveM community as a whole. This does not mean music must come to a complete end. Absolutely not. We love your original covers, creations, and compositions. In fact, we embrace it. But we do ask for people to understand the people around them, and how it may effect them. We ask the community to please be mindful of those around them. Are you and some friends riding around the hood listening to music? If everyone is OK with it, then it is fine. Just make sure you're on whisper, so only you and the occupants of the car may hear. Got a sweet bar event coming up? Planning on using some DMCA music? Let them know in advertisements! No DMCA music? Same thing! I'm sure people would love the transparency.

As for how to ask someone on if they're OK with music? You could easily state:
  • "Hey, do you mind if I play some music from my Bluetooth speaker?"
  • "Want to hear this up and coming artist? They don't even have a record label yet!" (DMCA free music)
  • "Come to Marti-ni-ni! Have some drinks! Chat with friends! And listen to some indie-artists!" (DMCA Free)
  • "Live cook out! Full of BBQ! Beer! And the best rock bands you know!" (DMCA)
We greatly appreciate the community and their understanding as we transition into this new rule set. We hope this gives people a better understanding. If you're looking for some DMCA free music, Soundcloud and Monstercat are great places to start. You can also use Google to help you better understand artists copyright agreements and how they effect people.

If you have any further questions, you can always open a Support Ticket on the Discord.
Not open for further replies.