Things To Do When You're Dead

Maggie Martindale

Early Supporter
Medical Command
Jan 19, 2021
So you've perma'd your character (if you aren't sure, "perma" means your character has died and is no longer playable.)

Step one: When interacting with the doctor/nurse/emt (should they be present) and you want to declare the character dead, RP it it out. For example, use a /me command like, /me has no pulse, no life signs. Once the medical professional in attending understands that is your goal, they will ask you via /ooc if you are certain you wish to "perma". YOU MUST BE SURE about this decision. There is no taking it back once you confirm /ooc Perma Confirmed or something similar.

Step two: The medical professional working with you will ask a few questions via OOC, such as your Discord name. This is because we have a form we fill out that is sent to our morgue so that your character's remains can be processed. That means we need to know a few things, such as if the character's death needs to be investigated for potential murder, or if it was an accident, or if it was an officer-involved shooting that may or may not require further investigation.

The medic will also contact you, if necessary, to set up an autopsy. You have a few choices here.

1) Full autopsy in character, where the doctor/nurse does a full workup of your characters injuries, takes any forensics data that might be found, and you are present and walking through it with them, answering their questions with /me responses to give them clues or data about what killed your character. If this is something you wish to do, do not delete your character right away. Leave it 'live' so you can log into that character and RP out the autopsy.

2) You can give them the data they need OOCly via Discord so they can fill out a forensics report without your presence being necessary. Use this option if you don't have as much data to provide, if you want to delete the character, or if you just don't want to RP out an autopsy (which is perfectly understandable).

3) You can let the doctor/nurses know there is nothing they'd need to obtain (such as accidental death) and you may delete the character when you wish.

Step three: In order for your characters friends/loved ones to hold a funeral (if they wish), please allow two weeks past the date of the death to allow time to be sure there is nothing further that is required for the body. Once that time is elapsed, we will announce the death via the obituaries at the current news outlets, and your body will be provided. Please make sure your family knows to contact Mt. Zonah via email or in person to make arrangements for the body.

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord @Choi#0001 with any questions about this process.