(Winter) State Election Information (Governor / Legislator)

Staff Team

Feb 5, 2021
Information regarding this election has been distributed via social media and news outlets and can be considered common knowledge.


We are holding our SECOND election for the office of STATE Legislature through five (5) STATE DELEGATES, and the GOVERNORSHIP.

Both elections will be carried out in a NEW voting fashion, Ranked Choice Voting. This voting method will allow you to rank all Candidates in order of preference, and if your preferred Candidates are eliminated (do not get enough votes), your vote is re-allocated to your next preferred Candidate. See example image below if you are not familiar with Ranked Choice Voting.


This election will be conducted in accordance with H.R. 030 - The Electioneering Act of 2021.

STATE REPRESENTATIVES are responsible for drafting and passing State Laws, Acts, Edicts, Procedures, Resolutions, Criminal Punishment, Endorsing Civil Appointments, and other tasks.

Representatives will be expected to attend a mandatory monthly 'Legislative Meeting', and bring forth proposals for discussion on behalf of the good people of San Andreas.

4 month term.

GOVERNOR is responsible for overseeing the entire Government Structure, including but not limited to; Keeping communication between the State Departments (Law Enforcement / Judiciary / State Legislator / Attorney General / Surgeon General) healthy, productive, and positive; hosting State Sponsored Events; Holding meetings that are relevant to the Office (both IC and OOC), establishing a budget to be approved by the State Representatives, Signing Bills passed by the Legislature into Law; Appointing Government Officials to position with endorsement of the State Legislature; keeping and enforcing law, order, and maintaining tranquility among all citizens and bringing outlaws and criminals to Justice on behalf of the victims.

4 month term.

If you are considering running, remember you must be responsible and mature as you will be representing the State Government and the People.

You may only run for 1 office or the other.

As outlined in H.R. 063 - A Resolution to Call the Fall 2021 Regular Election.

CANDIDATE REGISTRATION: December 23rd - 30th at 8pm ET ( State Representative Registration // State Governor Registration )
CANDIDATE REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS; No Felony Charges for 3 months. Must be a Citizen of San Andreas for at least ONE (1) month (OOC: Active member of the community. Minimum age requirement: 18 years of age. No bans in past 3 months). Must meet requirements by registration closing date.

CAMPAIGN: December 30th @ 8pm (ET) - January 13th @ 8pm (ET)
VOTING: January 13th @ 8pm (ET) - January 17th @ 8pm (ET)
STYLE: Ranked Choice Voting. For more information, see the top of this posting.

US Congress and President

Please understand what you are running for. THIS IS A SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY, both in-character and out of character and IS NOT JUST A TITLE OF PRESTIGE.

We don't mind and endorse non-serious / fun character campaigns to keep things entertaining, but when it gets down to business we need to be solid and serious on the OOC and IC level, which is why we are tying votes to a player and their character at this time, not just one or the other.

Public / State office will change a character / your life within our community. You will be expected to be the embodiment of professionalism of which these offices demand and require. Every action and decision you make will be dissected and criticized, and there will be people that will be rooting for you to fail. Your character's 'social life' will change, your OOC life within our community will change, as you will be expected to sacrifice your time to address matters at an OOC level (forums, meetings, discord, ect), as well as at an IC level.

- The position calls for In Character Campaign and election and presence.
- Out of Character considerations on behalf of the effects of any legislation/act/edict passed.
- Congress (Management) has the right to veto, alter, or adjust any current law (historical practice, checks and balances).
- The Current Governor will shift into an 'Advisory' role for the incoming Governor
- There will be NO OOC CAMPAIGNING, either in public or private mediums.
Corruption that damages the reputation of the office may be met with forced permanent punishment (capital punishment) if found guilty of corruption (Constitutional Consideration), and you accept that responsibility.
- Management reserves the right to impeach or remove and replace elected officials who demonstrate they are unfit for the office and position, go inactive, rule breaks, ect.)

Staff Team

Feb 5, 2021
Information distributed via social media and various news channels

Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

The certified list of candidates for election is below.

Candidate: @Vlad Tod | Running Mate: @Karmen McKenzie
Candidate: @Cole Gordon | Running Mate: @Oliver Hall
Candidate: @Andre Johnson | Running Mate: @Jennifer Sallison

@Becks Lawson
@Travis Ray
@Kaori Prince
@John Woods
@Grace Stone
@Josh Zimmerman
@Hudson Welsh
@Jordan Malone
@Mohn Nash
@Alwin Ozias
@Endeavour Jackson
@Jacob Wheeler
@Connor Rhodes

Reminder to the Voters of San Andreas, use your votes wisely!

Good luck to the candidates on their Campaigns!

*Disclaimer* Government Employee's are at the Department Head's discretion whether to maintain activity, or to be put on an LOA during campaigns. Candidates are to not be reprimanded if decided to take a voluntary LOA during campaigns, but must inform the proper Department Leadership.

(OOC: remember to keep it all IC with no OOC drama, we are here to have fun!)

US Congress and President