Barry Hill

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  • Barry Hill

    • Status:
    • Gender:
    • Pronouns:
    • Height:
    • Birthdate:
      August 9th, 1996
    • Birthplace:
      San Andreas, USA
    • Nationality:
    • Aliases:
      (Currently) 901 (Formerly) 902, 220 (SASP and LSPD), S-20, S-08 & 410 (BCSO)


    • Marital Status:
      Married to the Law
    • Relatives:
      Chris Solace (Father) / Evelyn Solace (Mother) / Joey Solace (Uncle)

      Important Dates:
      Promotion to Trooper - 03/15/2021
      Promotion to Senior Trooper - 04/09/2021
      SASP Split / LSPD - 04/18/2021
      Promotion to Sergeant - 05/29/2021
      Transferred to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office - 07/15/2021
      Promotion to Lieutenant - 08/06/2021
      Transfer to San Andreas State Police - 01/06/2022
      Promotion to Captain - 02/15/2022
      Promotion to Deputy Commissioner - 04/03/2022
      Made Acting-Commissioner - 06/29/2022
      Sworn in as Commissioner - 08/03/2022


    • Occupation:
      Commissioner, San Andreas State Police
    • Faction Affilations:
      San Andreas State Police


    Barry Hill is a character played by WhatMuppet. He is the Commissioner of the San Andreas State Police.


    Barry Hill was born on August 9th 1996 in Los Santos, San Andreas. From a young age, Barry exhibited an interest in Law Enforcement and public service. After graduation High-School, Barry Hill applied for the San Andreas State Police. There, he was accepted into the department and brought in as a cadet with the State Police. During academy, Barry Hill met his best-friend Nikolas Thompson. Nikolas and Barry shared a tight bond together, both being promoted to Trooper of the State Police together. Very shortly after being promoted to Trooper, Barry and Nikolas were riding together on patrol where they engaged into a vehicle pursuit, during the vehicle pursuit, a motorcycle crossed Del Perro Freeway through the median and was struck by Trooper Hill's vehicle. The person on the bike died on impact. Barry Hill was the first Trooper to have have caused a death in the San Andreas State Police.

    About two weeks later, Barry Hill and Nikolas Thompson were promoted together to the rank of Senior Trooper, this is where they gained their FTO Certification. Barry Hill took this position seriously, making sure all cadets had a good teacher to learn from. a short time later, the San Andreas State Police was disbanded and split into two agencies: the Los Santos Police Department and the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Barry Hill joined the Los Santos Police Department under the leadership of Chief Mac Moody. During his time in the Los Santos Police Department, Barry continued working hard as an FTO and was promoted by Chief Mac Moody to the rank of Sergeant. During the high of the Los Santos Police Department, Chief Mac Moody stepped down and a new Chief took over, Barry did not enjoy the environment that the new Chief brought to the department and quickly transferred to the Blaine County Sheriff's Office with his partner, Nikolas.

    On August 6th 2021, Barry Hill was promoted to Lieutenant and introduced to Law Enforcement Command. Here he took the responsibility of over-seeing the daily operations of the Sheriff's Office as the Lieutenant of Operations. During his long path in the Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Chris Solace went to Barry Hill and asked him for his help to assist in creating a department.... the San Andreas State Police. Barry Hill was excited to see the State Police as a department again and took his job to assist in the creation very seriously. The department was created and signed into law by Governor Paxton. The department was created and four members of Law Enforcement were brought in as SASP Command. on February 15th the SASP swore in many new Troopers to the department. On this day, Barry Hill was promoted to Captain of the State Police.

    During the journey has captain and the successful start to the State Police, Commissioner Solace stepped down and became a federal marshal. Deputy Commissioner Furtaw was brought in as the new Commissioner. During this, Commissioner Furtaw promoted Barry Hill to Deputy Commissioner. Commissioner Furtaw struggled to stay active and show face as the Commissioner and stepped down, making Barry Hill the acting Commissioner of the State Police where he was officially sworn in as the fourth Commissioner on August 3rd 2022.

    Barry Hill presently leads the San Andreas State Police as the Commissioner. Prioritizing all officers to have good work ethic and to remain professional on their jobs. Commissioner Hill has a great Command team to support him and still, to this day stays in contact and patrols often with his partner, Nikolas Thompson.


    - "You do not have what it takes to evade the State Police"
    - "Stop right now you fucking psychopath!"
    - "What you are doing is illegal, stop immediately"