Briar Dow

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  • Briar Dow

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    • Birthplace:
      O'Neils Ranch,
      Blaine County,
      San Andreas
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    • Aliases:
      Deputy Dow


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    • Relatives:

      Mother: Abigail (Deceased)
      Father : Chester (Deceased)
      Uncle : Adam
      Cousins : Billy, Ryder


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    Briar Dow , an only child from Grape seed, is a good ole boy. Always happy, always enthusiastic. He is a bright and shiny star ready to put him self out there. You could say Briar is a yes man. He is willing to help anyone out at the drop of a hat, in which he will pick up for you. Briar has brown messy hair and a goatee he refuses to part with.


    Briar grew up with his Ma and Pa in a simple 12x48 MH in Grapeseed. His dad was a long time employee and farm hand on the O’Neil Ranch where Briar spent most of his childhood. As soon as he was big enough to carry a bag of grain Briar started working on the ranch as well. After work you could find Briar with his pals. hiking Mt. Chiliad, hunting Mt. Josiah or working on their trucks. Briar used to race dirt bikes over at Redwood Lights Track but can now be found riding an on/off road dirt bike. He loves tweaking the engine, boring out the carburetors and jetting the engines to get that extra boost. Briar's Mom and Dad died after flipping a side by side off the top of Mt. Chiliad. Briar was behind them on his dirtbike when it happened. They may have been able to survive if it wasn't for a couple of mountain lions that wouldn’t let Briar get close to help them.

    Nowadays you can find Briar rippin' it up in Blaine County with his newly purchased on/off road dirt bike or his yellow Rusty Rebel pick up truck. Briar is an avid Hunter, working to become a professional. He takes pride in being a member of the Buck Wild Hunting Club. An outdoor enthusiast and lover of all things with a motor that can be taken off road.

    Briar has been with the Blaine County Sheriff's Office since August 27th 2021. He can usually be found in his Bison, patrolling the streets of Blaine County but often times has to help the LSPD when under staffed. Briar continously shows no mercy for civilians speeding and enjoys having illegaly parked vehicles ticketed and towed.


    Briars favorite color is BCSO Gold
    "bRiAR DoW, BCSO"