Nick Adams

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  • Nick Adams

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    • Birthdate:
    • Birthplace:
      Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    • Nationality:
    • Aliases:
      Ryan, N, Nico


    • Marital Status:
    • Relatives:
      Mother - Salena Romero-Adams (Estranged)
      Father - Jefferson Adams (Estranged)
      Brother - Mark Adams (Presumed Deceased)
      Ex-Wife - Arizona Cirto-Adams
      Adopted Son - Alex Adams


    • Occupation:
      Former Owner of San Andreas Vanguard
    • Faction Affilations:



    Nick was born and raised in Montreal. Until the time he turned 18 he was given everything he needed by his parents. When he graduated high school, he was given the opportunity to work with his brother Mark in one of the small time gangs around Montreal. After working with for 3 months, he knew he had the opportunity to seize control of the group. He made his play and after 2 months of infighting, became the leader of the gang. Without an identity, he knew they wouldn't last, he worked with his brother to create a logo and a name, Cerberus was born.

    In 2004, after beginning expansion into Vancouver and Ottawa, Cerberus was running like a well oiled machine. Nick was overworked, and needed assistance. He had struggled with the idea of bringing his wife into the business, but he allowed it. She took over the finances of the organization and did a damn good job. Unfortunately in 2005, she was killed in a car accident. Not knowing who was responsible, Nick went on a rampage. He started to kill any enemy he could think of. Unfortunately, that led to splintering within the group. Multiple splinter groups formed throughout the Ontario and British Colombia, weakening Cerberus. In 2009, Nick had to pull back what little power he had remaining and consolidate back to Montreal. In the summer of 2012 he knew his time was up, he had lost control, he felt it coming. Cerberus Montreal had splintered further, he had lost his edge, he wasn't the same person he was when he had Arizona by his side.


    • "I wanted them all to be my puppets"