Riley MacNeil

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  • Riley MacNeil

    • Status:
    • Gender:
    • Pronouns:
    • Height:
      5ft 10in
    • Birthdate:
    • Birthplace:
      Vancouver, Canada
    • Nationality:
    • Aliases:
      Ry, T, Skid, Captain, Cap, Riles


    • Marital Status:
      In A Relationship W/ Logan "Loki" Kingsman
    • Relatives:
      Susan Jackson-MacNeil - Mother
      Toby MacNeil - Father
      Sean MacNeil - Cousin
      Sara MacNeil - Sister


    • Occupation:
      Career Criminal
    • Faction Affilations:
      The Misfits - 2nd In Command


    Riley is currently a blooded member of The Misfits. He is the 2nd In Command and a current Circle Member.


    Riley was born to Susan and Toby MacNeil. For the first 4 years of his life Riley grew up in a happy household. His little sister, Sara, was born when he was 3. He loved to be a big brother and was always protective of his sister. In 2004, while he was 5, his mother and father split up and his mother retained custody of both children. Riley quickly took up a role of protector in the household. He would do everything he could to help his mother. He would spend time every night learning how to cook with her. In 2006, at the age of 7, he learned that his mother had Stage 3 Brain Cancer. As she grew weaker, Riley was forced to grow stronger. He helped do everything that he could in the house, at such a young age. He became the primary caretaker for his sister for the last year of their mother's life.

    After their mother's death, Sara and Riley were separated. Toby, their father, wanted nothing to do with his children. Joseph and Nadina Jackson, their grandparents on Susan's side, were only able to afford one child. Riley, being the ever protective brother, suggested that Sara be the one to go with them. Riley moved across Canada, from Vancouver and his childhood home to Montreal to live with his cousin and his family.

    Upon arriving in LS, in late 2021, Riley fell right into the life of crime. After spending some time trying to find himself in the city, Riley hooked back up with close friend, Charlie Gardner, and joined a fledgling gang called The Misfits. Currently, Riley and Charlie are working with the rest of the members of The Misfits to grow the gangs operations and footprint in LS.


    • "I'm nice right until the point that I don't have to be anymore. That's when I really start to have fun"