Community Timeline 2021

Karmen McKenzie

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Lt. Governor
Feb 6, 2021

The Governor's Office of San Andreas has combined forces with Conglomerated National Television (CNT) and Weazel Corp. to create a timeline of notable and historical events for the city. We are looking to make a timeline for each month of 2021, highlighting historical events this last year. Ultimately, our goal is to highlight 6-7 or more of the most significant events from each month of 2021 and present this to the community to share and cherish the memories the city has created throughout 2021. We don't know everything that's happened in the city - which is why we are calling for your help to truly make this special.

We are looking for any notable events that changed your lives one way or another this past year. We want to highlight both the good and bad of the city's history, sharing the most significant impacts on everybody's lives. Events can include things like when your favorite restaurant opened when your MC got their first clubhouse or fun events you attended like the Ranger fishing tournaments. We're also looking to create a memorial of those we have lost in 2021. Some aspects of crime can be added to the timeline, as we want to include everyone and their passions. However, intense criminal behavior and terrorism will not have a chance of being added to the timeline.

Our goal is to have a timeline created and shared with the community by the end of the year; submissions for the timeline will close Wednesday, December 15, 2021, at midnight EST. If you have questions about the timeline, please reach out to one of the news networks, and we will do our best to help answer any questions you may have!