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Jan 11, 2021
Howdy everyone,
This is on the topic of the proper uses of the /me command within game.

The /me command is something that is used to show an action or visible emotion of a character. Something that if the character is irritated, they can '/me she has an upset look on face' or '/me looks upset'.

Do not use /me or /OOC for OOC comments or banter
This is considered breaking character and is also a huge misuse of the /me and /OOC command.

Avoid using /me for showing thoughts
'/me Thinks about shooting the loudmouth'
This is technically a form of meta as technically people are not mind readers and cannot fathom what a character is thinking

A better way to use the /me in that case would be
/me stares at the man that is talking loudly with a look of distain, while gripping the handle of his gun
Of course, you can simplify that or put that into a few different /me. But it is about the point of showing the actions and not telling the other person what is going through your head.

Do not use /me to speak
/me says "Please help me, I am dying"
This server is a Voice server and only people who are IRL mute can use this for this type of thing.
Using /me to speak (at all, but especially while incapacitated) is a misuse of the command and it will end in Disciplinary actions.

Cannot Speak while Incapacitated (Second stage downed)
While you are incapacitated, you are unable to speak through VOIP since your character is not conscious. The ability for the downed person to talk on VOIP is disabled.
Using /me to speak while downed is not only a misuse of the /me command, It is also an Exploit/Abuse of game mechanics. If you wish to talk with your doctor or friend while you get your medRP then you can wait to talk when you have respawned. At that point you can use your VOIP.

Only approved mutes may use /me to speak
Please open a support ticket and discuss with a member of staff if you are IRL mute and need to use text in order to speak.
This server does have special systems in place for people who are IRL mute and physically unable to speak. We do our absolute best to be inclusive in this regard.
(If you have no Microphone or just don't want to speak but are able to actually speak then you are not considered IRL mute.)

Regarding the use of /me Perma
This is not to be used in a joking manner. If you type that you /me perma or anything of the like, you will be expected that the character is then dead forever. If you use this sort of thing and then are up on that character after that and playing, It is FailRP.

MedRP needs to be taken seriously and if you are going to kill off your character then that should be the only time that you ever put that sort of thing into a /me.
Even then, be mindful of the immersion of others and try better wording
/me Has no pulse and is not able to be brought back
/me is dead and lifeless
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