Dominic Luca

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  • Dominic Luca

    • Status:
    • Gender:
    • Pronouns:
    • Height:
      5' 10" - 195 lbs.
    • Birthdate:
      August 17th. 1998 - 25 Years Old
    • Birthplace:
      Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    • Nationality:
      American, Pennsylvania Dutch
    • Aliases:
      Blitz - Redline Miami, 249 Club
      ◦ Lightpole


    • Marital Status:
    • Relatives:
      ◦ Father: Jackson Luca - Alive
      ◦ Mother: Unknown - Unknown Status

      ◦ Brother: Jeremy Luca - Alive
      ◦ Half Sister:
      Naomi Luca-Cooke - Alive


    • Occupation:
      ◦ Mechanic; Auto Exotic
      ◦ Sales; Shadowcade
      ◦ Jr. Sales; Mosley's Auto

      ◦ Snr. Mechanic; Wicked Motors
      ◦ Snr Mechanic; Beekers Garage
      ◦ Snr Salesmen; PDM
      ◦ DJ Spooky Entertainment; DJ

      ◦ Ronin Records: Promotor
    • Faction Affilations:
      ◦ Prospect; Devils Disciples
      ◦ Patch Member; Rogues MC
      ◦ So-Honbucho; Shoguns

      ◦ Unknown...



    Life Before Los Santos
    Dominic Luca came into this world on a chilly August morning at about 5:50 am, being the son of Jackson Luca & Mother Unknown. Although everything was normal at first, there was one issue with Dominic’s birth, he was born about 3.5 weeks early therefore causing him to be admitted to the NICU at his local hospital. Everything appeared to be normal with Dominic throughout his 4 week stay in the NICU and with a clean bill of health, the doctors cleared his father to take Dominic home. Dominica’s Father; Jackson Luca runs his own construction business partnered with Dominic’ Older Brother; Jeremy Luca. They combined worked an average of 50-60 hours weekly but were constantly tired from the amount of hours they worked every week. With Jackson’s weekly income, he was able to support his family therefore Dominic didn’t have to worry about ever having a lack of something he needed growing up. Dominic lived a great childhood and quickly grew up and before you know it, it was time for him to begin school. Upon entering elementary school, something caught Dominic’s Father by surprise. Dominic’s teacher had called them in for a meeting and they discussed that Dominic might have a speech disorder as he tends to stutter his words when reading in class. Dominic’s parents took him to get evaluated by a specialist and to their result the doctor indeed said he had a slight stutter but wouldn't have to be placed in a learning disability class. Dominic continued throughout elementary school learning at his best ability despite his learning disability. Dominic made so much progress even despite his setback as he made high honor before going onto middle school. Upon starting middle school Dominic started to partake in a new interest, Weight Room! Attending school everyday then going to the weight room after school made Dominic the happiest person he could possibly be! One spring afternoon, the football coach approached Dominic and stated “Son, you have some real potential, I’d like to be a part of the middle school football team starting next season.” Dominic was so excited and began working out non-stop to improve his overall fitness. Throughout his 7th and 8th. Grade year, Dominic advanced greatly in sports and his studies. Fast forwarding a couple a couple of years to his 11th. Grade year, Dominic caught the attention of a college recruiter from the Los Santos Football Team. Little did Dominic know, about a week down the road his life would change forever. One day before practice, Dominic’s coach called him into the office to sit down and talk, as Dominic walked into the office to see the college recruiter on a facetime call. The recruiter told Dominic “Hey Man, you have great potential and we’d like to offer you a full ride scholarship to come play football with us once you graduate.” Dominic accepted the offer and began really hitting the gym and the books to keep his grades up so he wouldn’t lose his scholarship. Come his senior year in highschool, he finished off his high school football season being the MVP in the most running yards and the most points scored. Little did Dominic know he had set a school record for the most running yards with a total of 724 total running yards. Upon graduating, Dominic said his final goodbyes and packed his bags to prepare to leave for college. Before leaving, His father handed Dominic an envelope to open. Dominic opened the envelope and noticed it contained a check for $15,000 dollars. His father stated “Here Son, in case your football career doesn’t work out, take this money to get you on your feet.” With the boost of morale, Dominic boarded Los Santos Airlines and departed for Los Santos. After a 3.5 hour flight Dominic landed in Los Santos and was taken to the college by the recruiter. Upon arriving at the college, Dominic was not impressed as it appeared to be a run down school with little to no school morale. At this point in time, Dominic talked with the college recruiter and withdrew his interest in attending college there. Taking the $15,000 his father had given him, He rented an apartment and began looking for the next door to open in his life.
    Life In Los Santos:
    To Be Continued...

    ◦ "Just F****** Send Her Bud" - Typically Said Before Dominic Does Something Stupid