Rogues MC

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  • Rogues MC

    • Status
    • Founded
    • Leaders
      President: Sebastian "Hawk" Underkroft
      Vice President: Jack "Zombie" McDonald
      Sergeant at Arms: Andlin "Schizo" O'Dubhli
      Road Captain: Robert "Nitro" Happ


    The Rogues MC is a club forged by those who believe in each other and the passions that drive one another, for them it is their sacred duty to experience liberation through their interpretation of what the life of an outlaw is and what they believe a 1%er should be. Members of the club can often be seen wearing fully black masks with neon green markings that pay homage to their past conflicts and their struggle to establish themselves as a group to be respected and feared in addition to the wheeled skull that bears the 18 upon their patch.