Taz Vizsla

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  • Taz Vizsla


    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 184 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Hometown: Grapeseed, San Andreas
    Hobbies: Motorcycles

    Early Life 

    Born and raised in San Andreas, Taz has always loved his state. He grew up in North County where he learned to love the dirt and lifestyle that came with it. Taz especially took a liking to two wheeled bikes. In his free time he would ride his dirt bike around Sandy Shores and Grapeseed to feel a bit of freedom. Taz felt most alive with the wind against his face and two wheels between him and the road.

    As Taz grew older, he upgraded from his Sanchez to a Daemon, from Western Motorcycle Company. A little more speed and a little more rumble was exactly what he needed. Taz never saw the appeal of cars and the car scene, but felt the same rush as the car kids did when he talked about motorcycles. There was something satisfying about being able to work on your own bike and fix, maintain, or upgrade it as needed. As Taz's love for motorcycles grew, so did his need for more motorcycle friends.

    Taz made some out of state trips on his motorcycle, upgrading from the Daemon so he could make longer trips. During his trips he would try to make new friends along the way and often stopped near local biker bars that seemed welcoming. Taz met some people that he vibed with and kept in contact long after he continued his road trips. His friends Ty and others would often reach out as they were making their own trips and Taz would ride with them when they were in the area. This still didn't scratch his itch for having friends at home though.

    With the locals not responding much when Taz would try to talk to them about their bikes, he decided to venture down in to Los Santos more. There seemed to be some Motorcycle Clubs with a strong presence in the city.

    Present Life 

    After venturing down to the city and meeting some other like minded individuals, Taz stumbled upon a Motorcycle Club that went by the name of Redback MC. He hung around with them and made some friends in the group. After some time hanging around, Taz was asked to be a part of the club. Excited to be a part of something, he joined the Redback MC as a prospect and worked his way up to a full member after some time. Upon being patched in as a member, Taz was assigned the role of Secretary. Taz helped with the charter of the MC, kept the member roster updated, as well as led the MC's Church meetings.

    Soon, things would go downhill. The club would encounter some hostile encounters with other MC's, Los Demonios and Black Lotus, that would display a weakness in the President of Redback MC. Leadership within Redback MC was not fit to lead, and unfortunately it wasn't something that was likely to change. Even with multiple discussions and decisions between other leaders within the club, it was very apparent things would not change the better.

    Due to the nature of the club, and it not really being a club of family but more of a club of one, some members decided to leave the club. Taz was one of these individuals that left the club due to the poor leadership. Taz believed that a group that states family is their focus should not be also led by someone who says "This club would fold tomorrow if I wasn't around". There should be trust in the leaders you choose to trust around you in your club, and that was obviously not present.

    With the MC in the rearview mirror, Taz is ready to take what he learned and grow beyond it.




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