Float 'N' Soak

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  • Float 'N' Soak

    • Status
    • Location
      Los Santos Marina
    • Owner
      Jonathan Swizz
    • Founded
      June 2021
    • Tours to Date
      571 since October 2021


    Float N Soak is San Andreas' first prime location for Submarine Tours, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, and Boat Excursions for anyone that may be curious as to what lurks below. Our motto? Guaranteed to Get You Wet! While it's a pun on words we've worked hard to make it so people can truly enjoy the Ocean in the Safety and Comfort of our Submarine. We truly believe in making sure our clients and guests are comfortable and catered to throughout their journey with us. So far we've catered to the SAPR, Little Teapot, Various Groups, Pillbox, Dates & Proposals (and even officiating weddings... Yes! Yes Really!) and many more!


    Float N Soak started from the desire to share a passion with the citizens of San Andreas. A one man operation was built on the foundations of Scuba Diving and Ecotourism. From Scuba Tanks and Gear out the back of a van to now an established business at the Los Santos Marina! Offering different tours and packages with a flat rate for 2 or 3 passengers, Adventure and Discovery are chief among our mission!