The Yin and Yang Killers

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  • The Yin and Yang Killers

    • Status
    • Founded
      March 2022
    • Also Known As
      C+B Killers
    • Known Members (Appearances)
      Griffyn Barrington (2)
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    The Yin and Yang Killers are a male and female duo dressed in all white and all black attire to represent the two sides of the yin yang symbol. The male, dressed in all white, is known as Yang, representing chaos, while the female, dressed in all black, known as Yin, represents order. The Ravens Skull (Yang) in Greco-Roman Antiquity the raven was associated with Apollo, God of prophecy. They were also a sign of bad luck and the god messengers in the mortal world. The Cat Skull (Yin) deriving from Scottish and Irish folklore were thought of as fairies or even witches. These creatures would steal the souls of the damned.

    The Symbol:
    Yin and yang in ancient Chinese Philosophy is the harmony and balance of two sides. Yin is negative, dark and female while Yang is positive, bright and male. They also have a bit of the other in each other, Yang has darkness and Yin has light. This Balance keeps the harmony of the universe.

    The Raven Skull in the center of Yang comes from the Greco-Roman time where it was associated with Apollo, God of prophecy. They were a sign of bad luck and warning to the mortal world. The Cat Skull in the center of Yin deriving from Scottish and Irish folklore, thought of as fairies or even witches. These creatures would steal the souls of the damned.

    When we first began we went by Clyde & Bonnie (C&B). It seemed fitting at the time as they were a male and female pare that did crime together. Not unlike our self's only we weren't robbing banks. However we learned that C&B was a syndrome which we did not fit and felt the need to find ourselves. Thus Yin & Yang was born, nothing really changed we still did everything the same only our name changed and a picture was added to our calling card.

    The calling card is placed in areas that the MARKED often frequents and or works at. This stands as a warning that we are coming for those it is intended for. The Card consists of a rhyme meticulously crafted for the MARKED individual as well as a piece of paper with the Yin &Yang Symbol on it. Those who broke the code boke the order in the world and off set the balance. Their deaths will give Order back to the univers.

    Place Holders:
    There is no Order without Chaos. Unfortunately the MARKED prove to be difficult to obtain and in order to maintain balance place holders keep the balance until the MARKED can set the univers right. These place holders are random individuals found in random location. They have not broken the code and done nothing other then be unfortunate enough to run into us at a time of Chaos. The Calling card is left at the bodies of the place holder the rhyme left written in their blood shows who they are a place holder for.

    Yin is responsible for up holding Order by enforcing and following the code, she is to dispose of those with infractions. While Yang takes on the responsibility of all Chaos by handling the collection and disposal of all place holders.

    In the event that Yin and Yang have failed to maintain balance in the universe both with share the same fate as the Marked. Once the punishment is carried out Balance and the code are reset. Only then can Yin return to upholding the code. If at this time Yang no longer wishes to continue his role Yin will continue alone until another is able to fill his place. At no point can Yin take a Place Holder and will only be able to deal with code breakers.

    The Code:
    The Order set forth by Yin is a code to be strictly followed. Without which all those you care about will be consumed in darkness and despair. For all those who violent the code action must be taken at the earliest possible convenance. There are only four rules to be followed. The first and most egregious is the theft and or murder of a teddy bear. The second is lying or breaking your word, as your word is your bond. Third, being rude which is a sign of disrespect and can lead to the fourth and final, causing ouchy resulting in the loss of life limb or eye sight. This is the code of Order.

    Signs Of The Universe:
    • Isle of Man:
      • The universe will lead you down the path. If you follow the path it will lead you to the Marked.



    • Weasel News Receptionist - Chaos
      • Location: Wezel news
      • Kill Site: Wezel News
      • Action: shived
      • Dog or cat? Not asked (Pre-Y+Y)
      • Emotions Shown: Unsure, Surprised, and scared. I don’t think she said anything
      • Notes: Walked in on us writing in our blood around the building yang took care of it. Was during the time when went under the name C+B
    • Allen Spacer - Order
      • Location: Observatory
      • Kill Site: Observatory
      • Action: shived
      • Emotions Shown: Unsure, Surprised and scared.
      • Notes: I had just gotten out of prison, I was angry and sad but I can't recall why. I know people where coming to pick me up but I walked all the way to the observatory. When I was heading to the roof I accidently bumped a guy who began berating me and swung at me. I just saw red and pulled out the sharp piece of metal I got in prison…I took care of it
    • Gryph Botkin - Order
      • Location: Zohna
      • Kill Site: Jewelry store
      • Action: Baseball Bat
      • Dog or cat? Not asked (Pre-Y+Y)
      • Emotions Shown: Angry and confused
      • Notes: She was RUDE and a Twat I did nothing other than walk in to get my medical records. Days later my m8 was hurt and she shooed me out of the hospital. So I hit the glass at the front door with my bat. I saw her run toward me so I ran to hide in the ally way. She followed and so I used this as an opportunity to get her away from Zohna to in-act the Code. I got to the jewelry store area with her still following and I beat her in the head with a bat.
    • Maggie Martengail - Order
      • Location: Hospital 🚑
      • Kill site: Power Plant 💡
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or cat? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: Calm yet scared, and agitated. she tried to understand and get details but I COULDN'T this is so different than what I'm used to. I was told not to.... doesn't matter things were set right by this new way.
      • Notes: We weren't even looking to kidnapped and shiv her. But the opportunity presented itself. And after her multiple code breaks despite having never met before...I couldn't pass it up. I felt relief and in-powered. I showed her the monster she made me out to be!
    • Nick Adams - Order
      • Location: CNT
      • Kill site: CNT
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or cat? N/A
      • Emotions Shown: He was angry and swearing. He did a lot of empty threats…I hate liars
      • Notes: He was on the list and then he attacked Eddie so I took the opportunity to shiv him. He was a dick head and now he's a dead dick head now
    • Onyx Steal - Chaos
      • Location: Running on Vinewood
      • Kill site: vineyard
      • Action: Shives
      • Dog or cat? Dog (German shepherd)
      • Emotions Shown: Confused, I could not see anything further
      • Notes: He just escaped the police on foot after robbing the jewelry store. He was a chaos kill, yang's kill. I struggle to kill those not on the list for breaking the code. But as yang put it someone has to be. it's a temporary problem to the solution. He was lovely and hope he lives
    • Chas Haven- Chaos
      • Location: Breakfast Club Entertainment
      • Kill site: Beach
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or cat? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: he was calm but shaken he understood it was chaos that had to be chosen. Visibly scared when we told him we will try not to hit anything vital.
      • Notes: He was quite lovely and understood why we were doing what we had to do. Iv seen him many times since and he is quite alright.
    • Dana Sauvagess - Chaos
      • Location: Go Postal
      • Kill Site: Sandy Hunting grounds
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or car? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: Fear, pleaded for her life
      • Notes: Stopped by Go Postal and found a driver alone. It was revenge for the Go postal driver that shot Eddie in the head.
    • Alexander Write (COP) - Order
      • Location: Traffic Stop
      • Kill Site: Grave yard
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or cat? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: He was scared and talked about how him and lamb were friends as to convince me not to shiv him. He begged
      • Notes: Responsible for Lamb shooting me and my sister and nearly killing her. he was originally going to be a chaos kill. However, when I found out it was him he was on the list for his part in my sister's near death. I was exhilarated
    • Lucey Heart - Order
      • Location: Beach
      • Kill site: Theater 🎭
      • Action: heart cut out, Shived Alot, hands sevard, tongue cut out.
      • Dog or cat? Cat
      • Emotions Shown: She was scared and acted as though she COULDNT UNDERSTAND HOW I FELT.
      • Notes: Got info that this girl was talking to people on the beach about finding a strange binder. So I went to got talk to her about what she knows. She found my binder and gave it to Police! SHE GAVE MYYYY BOOK to the police. So I asked her who and she could not remember… So I cut her
    • Kai Jackson - Chaos
      • Location: Hawick bank
      • Kill site: MCD HQ
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or cat? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: Scared and Confused.
      • Notes: He was willing to Lie IOT not be shived. He begged us not to kill him and that he could deliver the message without injury… but that’s not how that works Balance is chaos and order you cant have one without the other. And it is kept by the CODE. I only have to fix things like this when that code is broken.
    • Nichole Davis (COP) - Chaos
      • Location: Live Invader
      • Kill site: Observatory
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or cat? Dog
      • Emotions Shown: She was calm yet frightened.
      • Notes: She informed us that she was an off duty cop and that we would get double charges. I was exzilerated, like it was my birthday. If only she had been the one we picked up earlier to drop off and MCD HQ. She asked a lot of made me think...
    • Kyle (DOC)-Order
      • Location: City Hall
      • Kill Site: Oil Fields
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or cat? Didn’t answer, Cops showed up
      • Emotions Shown: Confident? Cocky and arogenate. Not very calm seemed to have a fight instinct not calm.
      • Notes: He didn’t speak at first and then told us to go fuck ourselves. He also thought we were associated with someone named Aiden…not sure who that is but he stated "you're with Aiden aren't you? How is he with those bullets in his chest". I told him I have no idea who that is or what he was talking about and he didn’t seem to believe us... I DON’T LIE! This made me VERY MADE I DON’T LIE…on top of that DOC put me in cell 23 when I was in Ad seg. I TOLD THEM IT HAD TO BE A CELL WITH A NUMBER SEVEN 7!!!!!!!!! THEY DIDN’T LISTEN. AND I WAS TELLING THEM AND THEY DIDN’T LISTEN THEY DIDN’T LISTEN THEY DIDN’T LISTEN…but anyway so they broke the code and I NEEDED to fix the balance and so I did by stabbing him. It was interrupted by the police...I believe he had a hidden tracker and we threw the decoy out the window.But I didn’t get to write and draw in their blood, nor did I get to put his ID with the others.
    • Nick (DOC)- Order
      • Location: City Hall
      • Kill Site: Oil Fields
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Didn’t answer, Cops showed up
      • Emotions Shown: Scared but confident and Calm
      • Notes: He was quite asked who we were I told them I was Yin and then he asked who we were apart of…told him Yin and Yang of course. And then explained to him that this was setting the balance right in the universe. He then started to talk down to me so I stabbed him in the leg to begin writing in his blood when I look up and see a cop. Kyle (DOC) laughed and felt safe and confident.. So I stabbed him first. Then the other Yin stabbed Unknown seven times. He is the supervisor that watched and heard my screams to be in a cell with a SEVEN 7 and ignored me!!!!!!!! I TOLD THEM IT HAD TO BE A CELL WITH A NUMBER SEVEN 7!!!!!!!!! THEY DIDN’T LISTEN. AND I WAS TELLING THEM AND THEY DIDN’T LISTEN THEY DIDN’T LISTEN THEY DIDN’T LISTEN.
    • Ashley Heath - Chaos
      • Location: South Side Clothing
      • Kill Site: Parking Garage by Vespucci PD
      • Action: used her body parts to make the Yin and Yang symbol
      • Dog or Cat? Neither (the audacity)
      • Emotions Shown: Scared and Worried
      • Notes: (Yang's notes) She said she didn’t like cats or dogs. She despised animals. THAT’S WORSE THAN LIKING CATS!!! She tried to run when we got to the kill site. I caught up to her though. It was her first day…and her last
    • Vivian Aldis- Chaos
      • Location: Vinewood
      • Kill Site: Vinewood Sign
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dog (any kind. Has two at home name Sapphire and Simon)
      • Emotions Shown: At first annoyance, then nervous. Once we had a conversations though she was put at ease and seemed relaxed. And then when told she was going to have to die for Balance she became fear full but hid it well.
      • Notes: We were balanced. 7 Chaos and 7 Order. And the pattern of Order, Chaos must be kept. There are four code breakers that need to be killed to set balance, but we can’t disrupt the Order otherwise it may further worsen things. It may be nothing but Eddie, while unintentionally got hurt by someone, Don is getting death threats. A chaos kill needs to happen for use to get Lamb. This was probably our smoothest and easiest Chaos kills to date. We found her quick and drove to the site. We were uninterrupted and left. We ditched the knife and bottle I used to hold Aria's blood in the swamps. We then changed and went to pick shrooms. The police showed up…who called them? How did they know?
    • Miles Davis- Order
      • Location: Office
      • Kill Site: Light House
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dog (Husky)
      • Emotions Shown: Angry, Disappointed, absolute disgust towards Yang, and accepting of his fate.
      • Notes: I needed to talk to him about a case I had against the hospital. Before then I was talking to yang about our plans to get Lamb. I left my tablet open and on the table…I'm not sure why I don’t normally do something so stupid. We got a call that a m8 of ours needed a ride from the hospital so I told yang to get help while I spoke with Uncle miles outside. Once yang got back we went up to the office I told miles to go ahead and wait in the conference room while I talked with yang in the side room. I walked out to see miles looking at my tablet. He turned and looked at my wide eyes and asked what that was. I knew he wasn’t the type to stay quiet and I couldn’t ask him to but I had to protect me and yang as he would have broken Code 4. As we were leaving we got pulled over by officer Malachi, I had the bloody knife on me, the ID cards, and his gun. They made note of our outfits and despite driving a stolen car let us go. I feel sad I saw him as a uncle and not like my piece of shit one either. However, I think it was all meant to be...the universe says it's not my time. Otherwise I would have been arrested.
    • Timothy Horton (Yang)- Order
      • Location: Remedy
      • Kill Site: Chumash
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dog (of course silly question)
      • Emotions Shown: Surprise, Pleading not for his life but a genuine willingness to continue down this path I have set him on.
      • Notes: Yang seems to have lost his appetite for this ever since I broke up with him. So to reset the universe the Former Yang was cut loose… get it is cut him LOL. I called him after and he said he was fine. He hasn’t talked to me since. I get why he made but I got stabbed to so balance could be reset…*we have since made up*
    • Saige Neoni (Nurse)- Order
      • Location: Hospital
      • Kill Site: House on Wild Data Drive
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Didn’t ask, there was no need to
      • Emotions Shown: Surprise, Irritation, Fear though she tried to hide it but unable to through her shaking.
      • Notes: She led police to believe my sister or myself WOULD EVER do harm to Daddy Nigel or another member of my family. She called us Maniacs and that’s quite rude. The police only wanted to hear her side of things as well and with a Silver tongue she fiddled a story. No one has ever made it so quickly to the top of the List before. We sat in hospital waiting for Dr. Anders to complete two surgeries when low and behold Saige walked in. I had the mind to wait and grab both however Saige and a man got in to the lifts so myself and Yin got in the same lift and followed them to the first floor. With no one around Yin and I put them at gun point. The man begged us to take him instead as Saige was needed for surgery…however there where three Doctors and 2 EMTS standing in one room they will be able to cover down. We aren't monsters if we where we would have taken Dr. Dickhead long before Saige arrived, there were plenty of opportunity. Anyway, we tied the man and left him there and took Saige to the garage and got in our stolen Jeep. I had scoped out the kill location days prior, for Dr. Anders… or Lamb which ever I would be able to get my hands on first. It was a lovely area with a garage to hid my car and a nice view of the night skyline of the city. As she was a Code breaker I as the true Yin was able to carry out the corrective action. I stabbed her and we left. Yin called the police, that was Yang's job and he was normally very Whitty…however as he has decided he had enough killing people Yin stepped in with that. I'm technologically inept.
    • Schmitt Hacksly- Order
      • Location: Crack Shack
      • Kill Site: Crack Shack
      • Action: Machete
      • Dog or Cat? Didn’t ask, didn’t care to converse with such an individual
      • Emotions Shown: Worried for his wife, confident, cocky, he tried to mask his fear behind his
      • Notes: He took my sister and murdered her. If I was a monster I would have butchered his wife and made him watch as I did so. That way he could feel the pain I felt. But she is innocent and hadn't broken the code so I could do nothing. They gave me an utterly BOLLOCKS reason for what they did. If they live we shall revisit the conversation. I forced him to the back of the upstairs room while I had Everett watch as I began to paint the walls in his blood. He tried to fight but to no avail.
    • Everett Wooddril- Order
      • Location: Crack Shack
      • Kill Site: Crack Shack
      • Action: Axe
      • Dog or Cat? Didn’t ask, didn’t care to converse with such an individual
      • Emotions Shown: Worried for his friend Schmitt, confident, and scared.
      • Notes: He helped take and murder my sister. He quickly spoke to admit to his part in the act as he didn’t want Schmitt dying alone. After he watched me butcher Schmitt he was pale and mortified. He asked how I found them so quickly. And just before I took the first swing he told me I was a fucking psychopath. He to tried to fight…but there was no point.
    • Mazikeen Adaline Barrington (Yin)- Order
      • Location: HC
      • Kill Site: Sandy Grave Yard
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dogs of course
      • Emotions Shown: Relief, Happy, Excited, Slightly Worried.
      • Note: The Day I got back from my trip… Yang hit me up for the first time since I stabbed him. We cleared a lot of things up and I explained that I did what I did to free him as I thought he was there only because daddy Nigel made him and that it would also reset the balance (once I got stabbed after him). But balance wasn’t set things weren't fixed. Yang made a good point not just anyone can stab Yin and set things back. Only Yang could stab Yin in order to reset the universe. So he dressed in Yang and we made our way to the grave yard in sandy. Much like I did with him he placed the paper down and said "here's to getting back on the path". He left and I began to write out the rhyme I had made for myself when Gif was murdered. I passed out not sure how much I got to write out.
    • Serenity Kingsman- Chaos (1 Year Anniversary)
      • Location: Observatory
      • Kill Site: Power Plant
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dogs
      • Emotions Shown: Calm, Scared and hesitant when talking.
      • Notes: The universe placed her in our path. We simply went to the observatory in order to form a new rhyme…we decided as it all started a year ago with tick toc we would use it once again. As we arrived at the Observatory we saw a women sitting on the ground looking sad. We drove a bit up the trail. I left it to Yang as this was the time of Chaos I could do nothing to her. He said we couldn’t throw away the gift the universe is clearly giving us. So we drove up to her. I got out and sat next to her. She looked up and asked if she should be putting her hands up. I patted her down and saw she had an MCD badge. We took her to where it all truly started. I stabbed her in the leg and wrote in her blood. I then stepped away and Yang did the rest.
    • Sidney Kim- Chaos
      • Location: Hawick
      • Kill Site: Ace Jones Drive
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dogs/ Cats
      • Emotions Shown: Scared and confused.
      • Notes: Unfortunately we are yet to be balanced due to the over amount of Order in the past that out balanced everything. This is why things went so wrong with Thoth. Yang suggested to look for chaos to balance out the universe. We found her rather quick probably our quickest yet. After getting her in the car we asked the usual question as we made out war to the spot. Once we got there we explained that she was the place holder for a Marked. She had done nothing wrong…except Yang was thrilled as she was a cat lover and ever since Lucy he hates those who choose Cats. Yang stabbed her and I wrote in her blood, Yang made the call to MCD. We saw her in hospital a short time later… seemed fine.
    • Jay Lamb- Order
      • Location: Pill Box
      • Kill Site: Pill Box
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? No Need to ask
      • Emotions Shown: Arrogant, Irritated, Still lying
      • Notes: The day before gif was murdered I saw Lamb for the first time since he broke the code. I did nothing…I gave up the gift the universe had given me and because that gif was taken. So when I saw him again after Eddie had been shot I knew this was the universe testing me once more. I would not make the same mistake again. So after he came to speak with me I informed he broke the code remove my knife and stabbed him three times. Later yang went to the police station and left the paper with his name on it.
    • Bella Chase- Chaos
      • Location: Hawick Hair Salone
      • Kill Site: Parsons Cliff
      • Action: Shiv
      • Dog or Cat? Dog Small
      • Emotions Shown: Terrified, Petrified, Cried out of fear? Or was She sad?
      • Notes: After looking at the count the Balance was off with a 14-11. We needed to set the path to balance things out. With Eddie releasing his comic…We had to follow the path set for us to ensure his release went off without intrusion. Yang also showing Yang the way we hunted. There were many options. However, the universe did not whisper to us until Bella Chase exited the Hair Salone after 30min of use waiting. She was frozen in fear at first but Yang quickly got her in the car. We explained the importance of balance, chaos, order, the universe, placeholders, and the marked. Yet she couldn’t seem to understand so I stabbed her in the leg and wrote in her blood. I then watched as Yang drove a knife into her torso and her fell to the ground. She didn’t make much of any sound. We are now at 14-12 and are back on the path the universe has set for us.
    • Lee Conway- Chaos
      • Location: Bahama Mamas
      • Kill Site: Owle Zancudo
      • Action: Hacked away like Thanksgiving turkey *HE STARTS TO RUN*
      • Dog or Cat? Dog/ Cat
      • Emotions Shown: Claim in the beginning and then terror, fear, worry? Set in
      • Notes: The favor of balance is still in the hand of Yang with Mr. Lee we are now at 14-13. He believed we were taking him for a shopping trip with his calm demeanor. After we arrived at the site and I grabbed for his wallet he probably believed we were there believing he was someone else. It wasn’t until I began to explain balance, Order and Chaos that he realized he was going to be the placeholder for Kelly Price. Baby Yang forgot to bring a knife and thought it would be funnier to hack at him with a machete. Lee began to run and I thought I was going to have to intervene. Yang gave chase and eventually got him. He then drug his body back to the original spot. He assured him that things would be ok as he struggled to breathe.
    • Kelly Price - Order
      • Location: Pill Box Parking
      • Kill Site: Rebel Radio
      • Action: Shived *she kept walking around so I put a Knife in her foot.*
      • Dog or Cat? Refused to answer kept deflecting
      • Emotions Shown: Scared *when asked she was sorry and regretful*
      • Notes: There was no plan to grab a code breaker. A cop and seraphine *a hospital director* had been incredibly rude and the plan was to grab her and have a simple conversation nothing Yin and Yang Related. While we were making our way to hospital Yang Noticed KELLY PRICE a code breaker running alone after Amelia Kurri. We followed the perused and realized this is a gift or a test from the universe. We came up with a quick plan and it went off like clockwork. The only problem was the Ravens MC coming in as we are taking the code breaker. We believe they are the ones who snitched and gave cops our description. She kept walking around the site and so I stuck a knife in her foot to get her to stop. I tried to have her focus but just didn’t want to seem to understand why she was there. She groveled and pleaded more than any other before her. She begged and pleaded for use to just let her walk back barefoot.
    • Nicholas Cortez - Chaos
      • Location: Vespucci Clothing Store
      • Kill Site: Windmill Farm
      • Action: Shived Repeatedly
      • Dog or Cat? Cats (Big Floofy Ones)
      • Emotions Shown: Calm at first as they thought they were being taken for a store robbery by the got nervous as we told them we were serial killers.
      • Notes: (Yangs Notes) Again having to cover other people's tracks to confuse MCD when the others get caught and had to bring along the second Yin this time. This pickup was really straightforward as they were standing outside of the bank/clothing store outlet as we rolled passed them. Nothing too serious as things went very smoothly. The only slip-up was accidentally calling the victim a woman than a man even though I knew it was a dude. What is my luck and the universe giving me people who have only been in the city TWO WEEKS OR LESS.
    • Casey Dara - Chaos
      • Location: Vespucci Clothing Store
      • Kill Site: Marlowe Drive
      • Action: Shived and Set On Fire
      • Dog or Cat? Dogs (Irish Terroir)
      • Emotions Shown: Confused and Scared
      • Notes: Balance is set with the same amount of Order and Chaos tasks being complete. While there are about two remaining Orders The universe is finally fucking right off. Anyway, It was once again a time for chaos and we found this placeholder at the same as Yang found the last. What made him targetable is the fact that he was a Postal Driver. This brings us full circle as it all began with Go Postal. Unfortunately just as all of Yang's choices have been this poor man only moved here 3 days ago.
    • Sera Toth - Chaos
      • Location: N/A
      • Kill Site: Zancudo Trail
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or Cat? N/A
      • Emotions Shown: Surprised and Angry
      • Notes: I told her to leave Krios for me to deal with. She agreed for one night only. I tried to get her to leave the matter alone however sera persisted and kidnapped Amara. This infuriated me, I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps because I am close to Amara and if anyone was going to have to be the one to deal with her it was going to be me. My hand was forced by sera grabbing Amara. And after Jube convinced her he wanted to observe her work she told him the location. I immediately dressed for the occasion. When we arrived I told yang to stab Sera and then I went to deal with Amara.
    • Amara Krios - Order
      • Location: N/A
      • Kill Site: Zancudo Trail
      • Action: Shived
      • Dog or Cat? N/A
      • Emotions Shown: Calm, Accepting and Angry
      • Notes: She Broke the code and I HATE it. I worked with Jube for a week to devise a plan, And yet due to Sera not heading my WARNINGS all my plans went out the window. Sera took Amara and tortured her on Zancodo trail. After Jube tricked her she told us where they were. We needed a Chaos before I could deal with Amara as Yin, so Sera was immediately dispatched. I went over to Amara and looked her over, she was in rough condition. I did what I had only did two other times and that was put her on probation. But due to my Anger at the time. I stabbed her and to the tree and carved a yin and yang symbol on top of her other hand.


    1. All notes on the victim list unless otherwise specified are from Yin
    2. Order kills are conducted by Yin while Chaos kills are executed by Yang