Vanilla Unicorn

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  • Vanilla Unicorn

    • Status
    • Location
      6969 Strawberry Avenue, Strawberry, South Los Santos, San Andreas 49915
    • Founded
      January 2022
    • Owner
      Candy Lane
    • Entertainers
      ★Amelia Swizz
      Ashley Vauxhall Waters
      ★Imogen Fox, "Ms. Fox"
      ★Pearl Putnam
      ★Velma Piper, "Miss Stars and Stripes"
    • Hours of Operation
      ⟳Wednesday from 10:00pm EST-Late
      ⟳Sunday from 10:00pm EST-Late


    The Vanilla Unicorn is Los Santos' premier exotic dance club, complete with gorgeous dancers, small food and drink menu, and amazing music to entertain everyone. The Vanilla Unicorn is a staple of Los Santos that has been providing adult entertainment for years. Under new ownership, the Vanilla Unicorn brand will be able to expand and grow beyond the four walls located on Strawberry Avenue. The Vanilla Unicorn will become known outside the borders of San Andreas, and will become the choice hangout spot. Fans of the brand will be able to rep merchandise and collect special memorabilia to show their loyalty. Gone are the days of the Vanilla Unicorn just being a strip club.


    The history of the Vanilla Unicorn Gentlemen's Club dates back to when Shedrick Nelson opened it in January of 2022.


    The Vanilla Unicorn runs different recurring themed nights such as Dommy Mommy Night, Ladies Night, 80s Night, and more.