Charlotte Avery

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    Early Life 

    Born, Charlotte Harlow Avery to Harold and Mable Avery. Charlotte, better know to most as Charly, grew up in Druid Hills, GA. Though she spent most of her childhood in and out of Atlanta, where her father worked. Her father owned a farming equipment company, while her mother was once a nurse.

    Charlotte graduated from high school and went on to Harvard University on a full scholarship, where she graduated with a Doctor of Juridical Science. While still in her graduate program to complete her SJD, she entered into Law Enforcement. She spent just over a year as a beat cop in New York City, before submitting her letter of interest with the Federal Investigation Bureau. After her acceptance as an agent with the FIB, she spent 6 months in Financial Crimes, while finishing out the last requirements of her Doctorate. Once her Financial Crimes assignment was completed, she moved on to Weapons and Drugs Trafficking, where she was placed undercover for nearly a year with a Russian Crime family. Her time undercover is still considered confidential and has not been released from archives.

    After her time undercover, she resigned her position within the FIB and opened up a law firm in San Andreas. She spent several years as a defense attorney before submitting for a place on the bench as a Judge. She spent the rest of her career as a Judge/Justice within several different court systems. She had two separate appointments a Chief Justice and her final appointment as an Associate Justice. She was a career driven woman, she unfortunately never married, though she was engaged twice.

    Present Life 

    She disappeared for several years after her last appointment as Chief Justice. After returning to San Andreas, she sought out old friends whom she regarded as family. She had been away for close to 7 years before returning after the loss of her fiancé, Miles Shaw. She felt the time was right to come back. She was finally able to contact a few old friends. First one she looked for, though she didn't have to look far was Brandon Davis. He helped her start fresh again. He always was her rock in many ways. She settled back into legal work quickly and easily.

    She spent quite some time as an Associate Justice with the San Andreas Supreme Courts after a short time as a State Prosecutor with the Department of Justice under Cole Gordon.

    Several months after being back and falling back in with old friends, she found out one of her oldest friends was actually her half brother, Logan Stryker. A joke turned into a DNA test that produced a positive result. Neither of them ever knew, but they became closer in the revelation.

    She worked tireless hours in her position and dedicated herself to the bench, while still balancing her own personal life which often proved difficult, but she managed the best she could and knew how. About 6 months into her tenure she was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent intense chemo treatments daily for a month. Unfortunately, due to complications with a previous heart condition and her treatment, her heart gave out and she passed on April 15th, 2022 at Mount Zonah Medical.





    Charlotte Harlow Avery









    5ft 3in




    December 31, 1986


    Atlanta, GA



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    Logan Stryker (Brother)





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