Female Characters

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   Adrian Jax
   Amara Krios
   Aria Woods
   Ava Baile
   Baylor Jax
   Becks Lawson
   Bexley Bunny
   Blair Dalton
   Bonnie Burn
   Brenna Byrne
   Camila Ortiz
   Cara Samson
   Cherry Wood
   Chesty Duke
   Chorus Deens
   Dakota Quinn
   Darcy Finch
   Dinah Lance
   Dodie Lycan
   Dorothy Rose
   Edalyn Rose
   Elena Martin
   Emily Campos
   Erin Murphy
   Erna Winkler
   Esme Castle
   Flossie Grey
   Gwen Bridges
   Halvah Miel
   Hannah Kim
   Hazel Basil
   Jazmin Wolf
   Julie Lee
   July Frost
   Kaida Himari
   Kaori Hart
   Kaori Prince
   Karly Stark
   Katt Vincent
   Kiki Starr
   Kitta Runes
   Lara Ripley
   Lexie Fields
   Lulu Moon
   Luna Starr
   Maria Harjo
   May McKenzie
   Mel Reed
   Mercy Kloutz
   Moxxie Vixen
   Myra Wolfe
   Noel Johnson
   Olivia Moore
   Onyx Angel
   Orchid Salt
   Peggy Greene
   Pippi DuPons
   Poppy Hill
   Quinn Sharpe
   Raya Torres
   Reeta McNeal
   River Rhodes
   Rivera Finch
   Rose Rue
   Ruby Jade
   Rylie Foster
   Sadie Stone
   Salem Church
   Sam Shephard
   Sarah Woods
   Sarai Young
   Shuree Lynn
   Shyla Blair
   Sidney Jett
   Skye Archer
   Skylar Adams
   Skyler Reed
   Stella Day
   Tara Riser
   Vivien Hope
   Willow Gunn
   Zara MacKeen
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    Los Santos is home to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Some of them are legitimate, others are criminals, and many of them walk the line between both worlds. Any character who identifies as female will be categorized in this section; it is not only for cisgendered female characters. These characters predominantly use she/her pronouns; if they use a different set of pronouns, they can list it on their Wiki page.