Casandra Cohen

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  • Casandra Codi Cohen

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    • Gender:
    • Pronouns:
    • Height:
    • Birthdate:
      10th July 1997
    • Birthplace:
      Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Nationality:
      British Citizen
    • Aliases:
      Grace Splat
      Fashion Queen
      Ada Cohen
      Senior Sith Person


    • Marital Status:
    • Relatives:
      Carol Cohen [Mother - Alive]
      John Cohen [Father - Deceased]


    • Occupation:
      Family Carer
      Street Racer
      Assistant District Attorney/State Prosecutor
      Senior State Prosecutor
      Co-Director of ICON [Retired]
      Director of Video Production
      Owner of House Chocolat 1899
    • Faction Affilations:


    Casandra's most noticeable feature is how she walks. A tall strong figure with a straight back, core tight and shoulders back in a relaxed pose, arms swaying gently to her sides as her hands stay soft in the air. A feature she grew to know as she grew up as a child from her Godmother trying to structure a child model. This shows other assets Casandra attempts to show such as a glamourous lifestyle and passion for fashion. When things don't revolve around fashion, glitz and glam; Casandra has a wide obsession with sports cars and racing. If not found at a clothing store, you'll find her in her car tear assing around or browsing for future investments.

    Theme Song


    When Casandra was younger, she was the main focus of her parent’s happiness. Her mother was a seamstress and her father owned a million-pound company. Until she hit the age of 12, her father lost everything and her family ended up in poverty.

    This took an effect on her father who soon suffered multiple strokes from financial distress, making young teenage Casandra, a family carer as she proceeded through college and school.

    By the time she hit 20 years of age, she had to make the heart-aching choice of pulling the plug on her father. 2 weeks later, he passed away from starvation in a nursing home.

    A fresh open wound left Casandra stuck in a static motion, unable to know what to do with her life. Stuck in a life of grieving and healthcare neglect, she turned to street racing. This led to a close-fatal car crash which ended up with her in hospital for 6 months.

    Serving her time for reckless driving, she moved to Connecticut USA to start anew. Only to exceed falling into the same habits of street racing.

    Connecticut soon became tedious due to the Law Enforcement where Casandra ended up using her car to get to Los Santos until it fell apart.

    She didn’t really know what to do in a big city until finding herself a job at the Vanilla Unicorn as a bartender. On some nights when not many dancers showed, she took their place and earned a large amount of cash doing so.

    She tried to use the large earnings to start up the San Andreas Grand Prix and Racing league but yet fell into shambles as it seemed to be a massive failure.

    Over time, she met Jack Callow at the Vanilla Unicorn. A quiet individual who used to go by different names, one being Donny. He flashed his cash and treated the girls well at the Vanilla Unicorn. Some of them would dance for him simply because they were gold diggers. Casandra approached to actually learn more about him.

    Soon, learning about him turned into a romantic yet secret relationship. Jack didn’t want anyone knowing Casandra was his girlfriend, nor allowing Casandra to tell anyone. She was just a secret which led to her breaking down and abandoning the secrecy. They tried repairing their relationship, this time making it public before Jack fully neglected her and concentrated on building SAFA.

    Casandra, yet again, was stuck in limbo. Leading her to lash out at some other employees in the Vanilla Unicorn which led to an event of her being slammed into the side of her car with a semi-truck. It incapacitated her.

    And when she woke up… she didn’t know anyone.

    Vulnerable, Casandra’s doctor ended up helping her heal mentally, emotionally and physically. Trapping her in a loop of lies and slander. He made her paranoid and told her that people weren’t to be trusted, including ones she deemed close to her. She only trusted him and therefore ended up dating him. Once it came to realize what he was doing, she tried breaking up with him. Which sent him into a stir-crazy behaviour. She left and never went back…

    Trying to build herself back up again from a memory loss, Casandra received phone calls from names she didn’t remember. One was Andrew McKinley, the new appointed Governor and friend of hers prior to the incident. Explaining her situation, Andrew helped Casandra get on her feet and recruited her as a paralegal for the Department of Justice.

    She had no idea or clue what the hell that even was or meant.

    Casandra soon figured out what she needed to do in the job and attended her BAR exam to be promoted to a Senior State Prosecutor. She found a love and passion for finding justice. Devoted to her job, all of Casandra’s friends from pre and during the incident, realised not to disturb her. Leaving her to have 0 social times with anyone and becoming a work-a-holic.

    Seeing this, a man named Evan Smith called her, inviting her to come and relax with a game of pool. The game turned into a date on a speedboat. And the speedboat ended up visiting a yacht where they had their first kiss. Their relationship was massively complicated but figured itself out.

    Whilst dating Evan, Casandra was caught up with a case involving Robert Martindale; a corrupt cop who cheated on his wife and sold class 2 weapons to civilians. Knowing how close of trust Martindale got with Casandra; she tried using this to her advantage to get arrested.

    This led to the famous hostage-taking where Robert pointed a gun at Casandra and made her carry his weed, coercing her into doing what he said or else she’d die. Police were informed, but eventually, they had caught Robert and saved Casandra… They believed she was a drug kingpin because of Robert Martindale’s statement in MRPD.

    This ruined Casandra and almost her career. Public members spouting threats and insults at her when all she was, was the victim…

    Night after night, she found herself sitting in the shower and crying. Night after night, she found herself having PTSD attacks when she was asleep.

    Worn out and broken, Casandra waited for the day to see if she was made guilty or not guilty. The Department of Justice plea was dismissed without prejudice due to the massive lack of evidence the police failed to provide to prove she was this massive drug lord.

    Soon taking her job back as an assistant district attorney, she worked her way up to regaining trust and proving herself that there could be proper justice within the system after it failed her majorly. Under this and new management of the Department of Justice, she was promoted to Senior State Prosecutor.

    Whilst doing so, her relationship with Evan became none existent as he failed to tell Casandra he was going to Portugal for a month. Her mind thinking abandonment, or that he was dead, led her to try moving on. And as soon as she did, he came back a day later.

    Distraught, Casandra broke it off with Evan in bad decision making. Tearing her heart from her chest and soon leaving her in a panic attack due to how hurt it made her do so. The person she tried making it work with, soon neglected her and made her the background piece, dumping her at the Christmas Government Ball.

    Casandra soon made a will which was signed off and opened up her own chocolate shop in an attempt to fix her life, before she could do anything else for anyone.

    Casandra continued her work in her broken mental state. Drowning herself to avoid problems and voiding any issues she could possibly do. She couldn't fix herself, but she could try and fix the state.

    Cohen was eventually called by a family member regarding one of her family's wellbeing and health. She had to take an LOA back to the United Kingdom to ensure she could make sure everything was alright before returning.


    • Casandra prior to becoming a street racer had intentions of becoming an RAF pilot.
    • The infinity tattoo on her back contains the numbers 3 and 1 inside. A representation of a symbol her father used to leave her and her mother in birthday cards: 3.8.1. When Casandra' father passed away, the 8 was then later turned into an infinity sign. 3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning - I love you. Infinity - Forever.
    • Her favourite flowers are red roses, sunflowers and forget-me-nots. Red roses always appealed to her as a young girl, forget-me-nots symbolize Alzheimer's awareness in which her father passed away from and sunflowers when she buried her father's ashes whilst allowing a sunflower to blossom.
    • Casandra suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD, body dysmorphia, ADHD, Aspergers, retrograde amnesia and possible Stockholm syndrome.
    • Casandra owns the first-ever 1929 Bentley Roosevelt brought to the state.
    • After her amnesia, she bought another car to prevent being overwhelmed by 'strangers'. She bought a Psficer Neon, which she named Lily due to the last 4 numbers/letters on the license plate ending with 41LY.
    • Ended up impulse buying cars to escape her nightmare of amnesia; Rosy the Roosevelt, Lily the Neon, Lavender the Dominator GTX, Poison Ivy the Buffalo, Venus Fly Trap the Savestra and REDRUM the XA-21.
    • "Ma armastan sind, ära seda kunagi unusta."
    • “I’ve met bullies like you, who scare people into doing whatever they want. That’s not what is gonna happen.”