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  • Emily Campos


    Emily Campos is played by KL33Si and is a Sergeant for the Los Santos Police Department

    Early Life 

    Emily Campos was born on December 8th, 1992 (age 29) in the Arabian Sea, aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, which was located off the Gulf of Oman. Emily was the product of an affair between her deployed father, MGySgt Scott Campos, and an unknown woman, who Emily believes to be previously apart of the US Navy. After returning back stateside with a newborn, Scott and Julia Campos decided to bring Emily into their family and raise her as their own, under the lie that Scott had found the baby orphaned at sea. Emily Campos spent most of her childhood in Oceanside, Southern California, although she did live in Texas briefly with her adopted-sister, Hannibal Salem. She is the youngest child of the family and has two older brothers, all of which have either enlisted in the military or went on to serve in some way. After playing sports and remaining physically active all throughout high school, Emily attended the University of California, Los Angeles, after receiving a scholarship for softball. She went on to have a dual major in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, obtaining a Bachelors of Science for both.

    After graduating from UCLA, Emily Campos was commissioned into the Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant. As a Marine, she served as a Naval Aviator and as a forward air controller and flew combat missions in support of the Global War on Terror. Captain Emily Campos flew FA/18E Super Hornets. She also served on a deployment as a Forward Air Controller with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines and was responsible for requesting close air support on military targets. After 8 years on active duty in the Marine Corps, Emily reached her End of Active Service (EAS), and applies to the Los Angeles Police Department, where she was quickly hired.
    Working there alongside her father, Emily Campos was a Gangs and Narcotics Officer and was on SWAT. She ended her career with the Los Angeles Police Department abruptly when her father was killed in the line of duty, and her life subsequently came crashing down.
    During this time, Emily met her now ex-husband Andrew Ducksworth, who was working for the LAFD at the time. The couple quickly fell head over heels for each other. Andrew proposed to Emily on her birthday and the couple were married during a private ceremony on the following night, aboard a US Navy aircraft carrier.

    Present Life 

    In hopes of starting anew, Emily Ducksworth and her then-husband moved to San Andreas. She promptly applied to the Blaine County Sheriffs Office and was brought onboard, working herself up to be a Field Training Officer and Senior Deputy before transferring to the Major Crimes Division as a Detective. After the San Andreas State Police was reinstated by former-Commissioner Chris Solace, Emily decided to submit a letter of interest, to be brought onto the new department. She was brought on as a State Trooper alongside the first wave of SASP applications in early February 2022, and ended up working her way up to Sergeant. Outside of work, Emily Campos has her pilot's license, and is licensed to fly fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and sea-class aircraft. She additionally has her stunt pilot certification for fixed wing, and her advanced rotary certification. Emily Campos is also divorced to her then-husband Andrew Ducksworth, in late March 2022.
    After the Mutiny-induced economic collapse of San Andreas, Emily had felt that she could've been able to do more to prevent it. With her wanting to be more involved within the city in regards to Law Enforcement, she decided to transfer from the San Andreas State Police to the Los Santos Police Department as a Sergeant, taking callsign 210. After the recession, Emily was forced to give up her house, cars, and her cat. She has now returned to Eclipse Towers and drives a lime-green Gauntlet Hellfire around town.


    Even with Campos' "not giving a fuck" swagger and her entirely impartial demeanor, Emily suffers silently from mental trauma related to her service both in the military and while in Law Enforcement. She is largely desensitized to death and killing, and her extremely dark sense of humor reflects that. Due to that, she has trouble relating to other people who do not have the background she's had, especially civilians.


    • Los Santos Police Department
    • San Andreas Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.)




    • Emily Campos has dual citizenship in the countries Oman and the United States of America.​
    • Emily "Duck Duck DICK" Ducksworth is the reigning International Woman's Day Fight Night Champion.​
    • Campos is most easily recognizable by her American flag bandana and her gait.​
    • Emily has been apart of BCSO, MCD, SASP, and LSPD- meaning she has been apart of all LEO agencies besides the Marshals.​
    • She is currently the only known Law Enforcement officer in San Andreas who has been able to successfully PIT a boat while in a land vehicle.​

    Emily Campos











    125 lbs


    December 8th, 1992


    Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman


    Puerto Rican/ Filipina / Chinese / Greek

    Marital Status:



    • MGySgt Scott Campos † [Father]​
    • Julia Campos [Adoptive Mother]​
    • Austin Campos [Half-Brother]​
    • Luca Campos [Half-Brother]​
    • Hannibal Salem [Adopted Sister]​
    • Daisy Casteele [Cousin]​


    • Captain, United States Marine Corps
    • Detective, Los Angeles Police Department​
    • Detective, Major Crimes Division
    • Sergeant, San Andreas State Police​
    • Sergeant, Los Santos Police Department (June 2022 - Current)​


    • "Mighty Duck"​
    • "Duck Duck DICK"​

    Faction Affiliations:

    • 210, LSPD