Devils Disciples MC

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  • Devils Disciples MC

    • Status
      ACTIVE - Recruiting (IC Only)
    • Founded
    • Cabinet
      PRESIDENT - Kevin "Mayhem" Hudson
      VICE PRESIDENT - Nathan "Wrench" Rowe
      SGT. AT ARMS - Sean "Deadman" Caloway
      ROAD CAPTAIN - Kayce Bradford
      SECRETARY - Devin Mason
      TREASURER - Autumn Hudson
      CHAPLAIN - Serena Rowe
    • Head Enforcer
    • Tail Gunner
      Cieran MacGuire, Giovanni D'Angelo
    • Enforcers
      Ben Eldridge
    • Disciples
      Louis "Hellhound" Harding
      Sierra Florence
      Donny Chambers
      Caleb Chambers
      Leroy Williams
      Tyreese Neville
    • Prospects
      Teddy Roberts
      Marco Firenze
      BillyBoe Stone
      Hunter McFall
    • Nomad
      Antonio "War-Machine" Romano
      Asher Ross
      Benny Henderson
      Boomer "Bam Bam" Wosneak
      Carl "Gravedigger" Graves
      Charlie "Flip-Flop" Plimmft
      Chuck "Vice City" Bourbon
      Dalton Briggs
      Daquante Bridgewater
      Eric White
      Gears Thompson
      Hawk Johnson
      Jake "Seraph" Hunt
      Jax Lake
      John Bridgewater
      Levi "D1" Bridgewater
      Mark "Mortician" Nightshade
      Micke Moloney
      Shane Stassi
      Shaquille "Diesel" O'Neal
      Silvio "Demon" D'Angelo
      Zhan Bridgewater
    • Fallen Disciples
      Ophelia Flynn
      Danny Marrow


    The Devils Disciples Motorcycle Club is an MC founded in 1973 by Vince Hudson originating in New York City. In the early 2000s the club fell on tough times due to a run-in with Law Enforcement, the organization crumbled when some of the founding members were imprisoned and some killed. In early 2018 the club was re-established by Vince’s son Kevin Hudson, who opened a charter in Vespucci, Los Santos where the club currently resides. The Devils Disciples are a 1% MC through and through and intend to stay true to that at all costs.



    - Devils Disciples MC established by Vince Hudson in New York, 1973
    - RICO Raid from NYPD against Devils Disciples MC, 2002
    - Devils Disciples MC re-established by Kevin Hudson, 2018
    - Devils Disciples MC charter established in Los Santos (NewDayRP), 2021