James Coldwater

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  • James 'JC' Coldwater

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    • Birthplace:
      Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool, NSW, Australia
    • Nationality:
    • Aliases:
      JC, Coldwater


    • Marital Status:
      Interested in someone
    • Relatives:
      (All proclaimed by him)
      Serena Mikaelson - Sister - Deceased
      Dominic Luca - Brother
      Vitami Gattington (Vi) - Sister
      Abigayle Mason - Sister
      Sane Terrace - Brother
      Charlotte Steele - Sister
      Skye Hunnicutt - Sister


    • Occupation:
      Past - Cream Pie - Employee
      Past - Remedy - Employee
      Past - Raven Repair - Snr. Mechanic
      Past - Blast Bitez - Assistant Manager

      Current - Hardcore Comic Store - Secretary
      Current - Tabletop Tavern - Co-Owner
      Current - Auto Exotic - Mechanic
      Current - Mosley's Auto - Senior Sales
      Current - The Hub - Sales

      Current - Fuzzy Friends - Employee
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    James came from Australia. He did some things there that lead him to leave. He left and found another city, where, he met some of his closest friends that he now calls family. For a good while, he was a good boy. He went out hunting, made some cash, bought some cars, even from his friends. He didn't get in trouble and at some stage, he thought about becoming an officer of the law, but, one day, he went with some old friends and decided it would be fun to do stupid shit which lead him to being in jail. He still wanted to be a cop, but, he knew that was out of the question. From then on, he was just, a normal dude, doing what he liked. He still had friends he called family and, to this day, he still has some them.


    As a kid. he was bullied a lot, which led him to be able to take the insults people throw at him today. He has never being good at throwing insults back, but, he does try. He didn't have many friends growing up, but, the ones he did, he cared for deeply. He grew up in the country, occasionally visiting the city. Back home, he has his mother, father, brother and sister, which he isn't in contact with, but, still does care about. He is a decent self taught hacker back home, able to crack passwords and occasionally authentication codes, though, he has perfected it and is able to crack into most people security. Only ones he can't crack is people who know how to secure their shit. As a teenager, he would often go out with his best mate, dirt bike riding, building jumps, taking the most ridiculous of risks, but, somehow, surviving. To this day, he sometimes takes some of those jumps. He would often go hunting for kangaroos and rabbits back home, often bringing home the kills for the dogs. He enjoys his hunting and finds it relaxing.


    - "My name is James Coldwater, but most people call me JC or Coldwater"
    - JC - Just his initials. He prefers this over other names, but, isn't worried about it.
    - He is mostly all bark no bite, but, fuck with him too much, and well, yeah.
    - VERY protective of the ones that mean the most to him.
    - Is easy to get along with, though, if he doesn't like you, no one will find out. Just observe and judge for yourself if you are liked by him or not.
    - He is an Empath. He feels the emotions of the ones he is close with which can overwhelm him and he breaks down harder then others around him.
    - Unless he knows you, and likes you, he tends to be part of the group, but, observes.
    - He isn't a leader and prefers to follow orders over then give them.
    - He was shot in the head once. He should've died, but, lived due to the bullet missing anything vital. He now has a metal plate in his head.
    - His Journal