The Hubcap Café

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  • The Hubcap Café

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      Pacific Bluffs
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      August 7th, 2023
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    The Hubcap Café is a cozy, beachside restaurant with various delicious dishes and drinks. We are located on the oceanside corner of Great Ocean Highway and West Eclipse Boulevard and reside in the old Pipeline Inn building.


    We serve breakfast all day as well as lunch and dinner options depending on your craving! From a hearty steak and eggs breakfast to low carb philly cheesesteak wraps to classic burgers and chicken sandwiches...You're certain to find something for everyone! Come on down and the Hubcap team will be happy to cook something up! We look forward to seeing you!



    Inanea Bennick has always had a deep love for the ocean and Deacon Aoki has had a passion for cars ever since he could walk. They knew for certain they wanted to open up a café and host car meets. (I mean, who doesn't love a good coffee or cappuccino and be surrounded by beautiful vehicles?) Together, they wanted to create a wonderful space for enthusiasts of all walks of life to come, relax, chat about their lives, and about their rides--all in the presence of the stunning shoreline Los Santos has to offer. Those sunsets on the beach just do something good for the soul. In August of 2023, that little dream had finally become a reality. They have big plans to host weekly meets and themed car shows for all citizens of the city.