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    The Shoguns (SG) are a Yakuza structured crime family founded on July 10th, 2021. Striving to maintain a position as one of the most powerful organizations in Los Santos, the Shoguns gain the majority of their power through force, and influence in the business / political worlds. SG has left a prominent mark in the criminal underworld, fueled by their consistent flow of money and weapons. They are known to partake in a plethora of criminal activities such as: high tier robberies/heists, kidnapping, murder, extortion, money laundering, weapons trafficking, weapons manufacturing, drug manufacturing, fraud, vehicle boosting, political corruption, hits, prison breaks, police impersonation, and street racing.

    The Shoguns also maintain legal lifestyles through various Businesses they own or operate, ranging from the entertainment and music industries, to restaurants and legal fighting business. These Businesses act as additional income outside of crime that is generally reinvested into the legal side of the family.



    The Shoguns were formed in 2021 by Hudson Welsh, primarily known simply as "Mr. Welsh", and Kiyoshi Okazaki, known as "Ghost". Originating in Little Seoul, the Shoguns chose to leave the area during a conflict with the Jade Dragons in 2021 in an attempt to preserve the anonymity of their name, as it was not yet publicly known. Up until this point, they had managed to operate completely under the radar. SG was taken in by "The Franks", Frank Gilbani and Franky Manbroni, the owners of River City Customs. The RCC crew became family to them, taking them in under their wing and giving them a place to reside and operate out of while they grew and looked for their new place to call home. To this day, the Shoguns tribute a great amount of their success to RCC and will always owe a debt to them.

    During this time, the Shoguns helped lead a war for the River City Crew against the
    Devils Disciples MC. After the completion of this war, realizing the value and strength in their partnership with RCC, they moved just north of the shop and laid claim to the northern half of Popular Street, and it's surrounding areas. Two years later, they still hold down the same turf, expanding their family, business, and territory little by little.